North Korea wants to launch flights to South Korea

They have good relations with China. I wonder why they dont use the Comac C919?

On the bright side, we can hope that Air Koryo planes will be much more common in the skies :) I saw one in Beijing but I didn’t get to snap it and I regret it a lot.

Sweet! North Korea and South Korea peace is in good progress.

Maybe Asiana and Korean air will open flights to FNY?

This is really an amazing information.

It is powered by US made engines hence DPRK can’t purchase it because of sanctions.

I don’t think it is part of the North Korean cycle. Kim doesn’t want DPRK to be invaded by USA and meanwhile, its major nuclear test facility was destroyed due to the tremors from the testing(though there are rumors that he is repairing it). Either way, the fact that the 2 leader met is a historical moment.

Nice seeing that the two countries are warming up relations.


Correct. That’s why he’s negotiating peace. It looks like he’s waiting for the US to “back off” a bit. I could be wrong, but similar things have happened in the past (besides the end of the Korean War).

Whatever his plan is, it’s good to see the peace between the two nations.

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I’m never gonna go to the final approach mark for the RWY at Seoul. The wheels will execute me!

Great, more flights that 99% of the oppressed North Korean population will never be allowed to take. I’m all for peace and more normalized relations, but lest we forget how brutal the Communist DPRK overlords are to their own people.

I assume if the flights start opening up sanctions for the North Korean Officials, I at least hope 99% of the North Korean population not take scheduled flights. This may lead to many encounters like desertion of country, and maybe suicidal actions

FYI this already happens

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This would be a huge step twards a frendly Korea! Spunds really good (at face value at least…)

With Air Koryo? I’m pretty sure…

I was referring to DPRK citizens in general

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He could be in trouble now wheather a dictator tries to be the good guy it doesn’t end up well for them. Now he can’t use the threat of war to unite people of his country behind him.

Some should request an Antonov An-148

There are rumors that the North Korean economy could go into a recession soon, so I guess Kim could be trying to play nice so there won’t be more sanctions.

This is our generation of the Berlin Wall coming down, what an awesome thing!


Maybe some other airlines will launch flights to Pyongyang, but then again maybe not!

Stop grifeing on kim because he’s a best leader in the world and this is about aviation not leaders of nations. To be honest it’s just pointless because North Korea has the best service industry in trains like japan and South Korea, so really its not useful in the aviation industry but in political trust. Just use the trains going up and down the koreas. Theirs my view.

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