North Bay fly-in event CYYB

Basic event rules

Main thing is to have fun while having a positive learning situation. Any aircraft are welcome but please keep in mind that there’ll be a lot of transport category aircraft military aircraft and passenger jet aircraft.
All I ask is you maintain your own distance and airspace separation fly it instrument landing system approach into North Bay Jack Island airport or CFB North Bay home of NORAD.
This will be happening Saturday this week from 0900 Eastern standard Time or basically North Bay or New York time and going all day until 2100 hours North Bay or New York time. Any and all aircraft are welcome keep in mind if you are a light aircraft general aviation aircraft that you might be in the pattern with large transport Aircraft. North Bay has a 9,994 foot runway so they can land just put any aircraft in the field but keep in mind there’s limited parking in North Bay.
The whole point for this event is the highlight the wonderful area of North Bay and there I went to school in aviation many years ago. That school is now located on this airport is actually highlighted in the simulator as canadore college aviation campus. Also on the airport is Voyager Airways who take care of the firefighting aircraft the CL 215 and the CL 415. North Bay is also home to NORAD so I expect to see at least a few fighter aircraft especially f-18s on approach and on the ramp. Who knows I might hop in an f-18 for a little rip around the pattern there. The only approach available for this event will be runway 08 runway heading 077 using the ILS or whatever approach you prefer except for visual approaches. We will need one ground controller one tower controller and one approach controller if somebody wants to hop on center for us for me all on you it’s all up to you I just asked that if I decide to hop on one of the frequencies as a controller that one slot available for me. For me I’ll be flying either a 737-700 series or something else who knows I don’t know until the day it happened so what I decide to fly that day. I may even hop in the A380 just for s******* and giggles. The main goal for this is to have fun encourage aviation in the world today even Sim aviation as my love aviation goes that far I love North Bay I love the city I love the airport and it’s the airport I fly out of almost all the time it’s almost like my home airport even though I live about 300 km away from this airport as the crow flies.
Server: this event will be happy on the training server as I want as many people to enjoy the day as possible I want to make it as fun as possible and as humorous as possible and expect to have your landings critique so we can all improve our landing skills.

Airport: this will happen at CYYB (YYB). This is a fly in event open to everybody from any country any airport departing from I want any airline that wants to comment and come in it’s just to have fun honor skills to fly to a different airport that we usually would fly to.

Time: the first approach should arrive around 1300z and the last will be 2300z

Please plan your flights accordingly for you to park your time to North Bay depending where you’re from I want to see airlines from every country honestly it’ll be fun to see all these different aircraft coming in on the North Bay approach.
My goal is to create a fun event for everybody and for me myself and this builds my experience in the pattern with other aircraft again on the simulator with human control aircraft. The only thing is I ask is that we all have fun and we all learn something new today that day that’s all I ask if you’re interested let me know and let me know where you’re coming from are you flying from I will try to create a flight plan for you to follow and you can come in and follow that keep your departure time and we’ll figure it out from there so hope to see you soon thank you very much.

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Looks like you made the event private


How do I change that. Me and tech doesn’t agree with each other at times

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Ah figured it out. Thanks for letting me know.


I am about to hop in a jet and shoot some approaches into North Bay need 20 ish for expert server. Flying into North Bay is a nice approach especially during the day light. Which rarely happens for me.

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I’ll take the flight from Toronto to north bay on A De Havilland Canada dash 9-400 pls.


Nice, sadly it’s not a 3d airport. I will be up flying and shooting approaches on 08 in a a220-300. Let’s hope the weather is nicer than it was the other day it was just brutal. The yesterday morning I flew into North Bay with the a3 at 3:20 the a220 and I agree strong pretty good and here’s a shot of the touchdown landing.

You got it. It’s a open fly-in.

For your routing here it is.

You will need to add your own Sid/star procedures. The approach to 08 I recommend to get lined up for a long final. Uses the duack star with etugd via ysb vor or tacan

Taking off to Northbay

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I’m passing you as JAZZ 1230

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I figured that was you I’ve been at 757 that’s on the ramp sorry I put the wrong spot not used to other people coming into North Bay.

That’s fine

I was watching your last few approaches and notice something you have to fly it down keep your nose up at North Bay when the winds are like that especially on 08. You rarely get a direct headwind on 08 so it’s always going to be a crosswind landing. So you will get the odd day and all approach that you’ll get a nice calm landing but those are few and far between.

Then why you tell that the recommended RWY which is 08 has crosswind,mi need a calm one

08 is the one that is in use as the main. Plus it homes flying skills. Don’t feel bad I buggered up my landing. You have a cliff right in front of the 08 approach so you’re going to get that little bit of chop right there right at the end it’s just what it is the other two runways one is actually closed permanently and the other is mainly use the taxiway for larger craft to Voyager and the main ramp

Ok, I went around I think 4 times i think can u tell me?

I think it was four times he got in on your fifth attempt I actually admire your persistence getting in as most people to gave up after the third go. I’m in the North Bay all the time so it’s one of those air fields that it takes patience to get into and knowing that terrain around the airport and actually work near that airport for a couple years and flight you know their routinely when I was in the industry I can tell you it’s a hard airplane airport to land at it might seem simple straightforward but 08 is one runway that it’s used for pretty much everything. Nothing is with the dash 8 which I have experience with the Sims class d real world simulator, it’s an easy airplane to land you just got to maintain up right amount of flare on a planning you can’t over flare or you will climb again it’s simple as that and I saw you do that on a couple of your missed approaches. You want to keep your flare to pretty much maybe a degree or tube of horizon you don’t want to go much beyond that or you’ll start climbing again. One trick a - 8 pilot told me number years ago was he flies it 153 North I don’t know if he’s b*********** me but I don’t know I tried that a few times that does not work for me so I’m going back to the parsley 123 not approach speed my next time I take it with the dash 8.


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