North Atlantic Tracks

I’m not seeing NAT tracks on my map. They were there last week, but seem to have disappeared. Have I inadvertently changed a setting or have Infinite Flight withdrawn them?

I checked the forum and one post said about them only being available during their RW period of validity. I checked again this morning after the new tracks became valid but there’s still nothing there.

Would appreciate any help to get them back if possible.


It may talking a while for the new NATs to load again after they expired. If they still have not loaded, restart the app, and see then. Inform staff or knowing people if it still is an issue.

They’ve gone for me too, and they’ve not been there at all, regardless of time for a few days. I’ve done multiple flights and haven’t seen them.


I’m currently doing a trans-Atlantic, and there’s none as of now.

They seem to have been gone since the day of the Mexico event. ‘Fess up, who stole em?


For those that want the current tracks, here are the waypoints. Had to split this into 3 images so that you can gather the waypoint info for your chosen track. Images work from west to east. Image 1 being the western most, and Image 3 being the eastern most

The LAT/LON, just type them as they appear. They will be a 4900N-5600N number. Some may appear to start with the letter “H”, it does not. 4 digit number followed by N.

1 of 3

2 of 3

3 of 3


What iPad does NetJets supply you with?

iPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen. I think we new iPhones and iPads every 2 or 3 years

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Thanks for the report, we’ve looked into it and the tracks should be available again within the next 30 minutes


Nice! That’s what AAL gave my dad, or something similar. It doesn’t have the home button.
Is is also big

im flying right now and few tracks have dissapeared

Does anyone know what time they usually change
(You can post in any time zone I’ll do the converting myself)

Usually in the morning UTC, you can see the last updated time here:

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Oh ok thank you

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I usually just use the flight plan apps like FPLtoIF as they automatically put a track in your FPL if you are doing a trans-atlantic flight using the waypoints if the actual tracks are not available.

Thanks everyone for your input on this. Just checked and they are now visible again.

Thanks again.