North Atlantic Tracks

Does anywhere know where they get these from? I noticed today that one track orginates in Ukraine which many insurers are no longer covering flights in Urainian airspace. I checked the Flight Plan Database website and the tracks look a lot different. Any ideas why?


Infinite Flight gets its navigation data from NavBlue, an Airbus company.

It’s possible that one of the waypoints of the NAT is incorrectly entered or may be the same name as a waypoint closer to the Atlantic. Unfortunately, since the navigation data is from NavBlue, IF has no way of correcting it. But don’t worry - the NATs are updated regularly, and are different on different days.


Ah I see. Thanks

Hi, I took at look at this. As @CaptainSooraj said, Track A has an issue because the waypoint NALAN exists both in Ukraine and near the Faroe Islands.

It should update automatically when the NATs are updated, but we will look into this discrepancy to fix it in the future. Thanks!


Thanks for reaching out!

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