North and South Frequencies for Tower

Example: KLAX

In the real world KLAX is split into two different frequencies. North and South. North controls runways 24 and 6. South controls runways 25 and 7.

It doesn’t have to be every airport but I rhink a two frequencies for tower should be added somehow. Maybe you can give some suggestions on to how this could be implemented.

I think this would allow for a less frantic experience for any user who is controlling tower at a busy airport.

I thought we had this once but it was removed because the towers didn’t work together. However if this is applied only for expert on FNF then it might work


Interesting concept to say the least… Maybe only on Expert?


This would really help to control massive traffic in some airports, especially on TS1.

Good idea!


I haven’t been around long enough to know that.

Its a good idea but I can see some challenges.


I’m not talking ground, approach or departure. Just tower. Ground would defiantly be ridicoulus and approach and departure aren’t really that frantic. Sorry for the duplicate, don’t know how I missed that.

Edit: Technically not a duplicate.

This is what we had when IFATC first came out, but you can imagine TS1 and why it was removed…

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On TS-1, we can all agree it will be an absolute disaster.

However, on Expert Server, I think it will just be a little more complicated than it should be.

@GolferRyan and @Sherbert342 can you expand as to why you think this would be a disaster on the T1 server. I think it currently is disaster and the majority of the time (especially at EGLL and KLAX) it is not even playable, for lack of a better term.

Before they took the two frequencies down, noobs that were departing (as an example) rwy 25L would switch from the south tower to the north tower so they could takeoff freely as a way to “evade” south tower’s instructions.

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So more of the same but tower doesn’t have as large of a migrane. Sure it adds a new element for trolls to well, troll but I think there is more to gain for the ATC’s side if this was added back.

Unfortunately, this 2 Towers concept isn’t feasible for Training Server. Instead of reducing the amount of traffic, the seperation of towers in TS just make things worse as there are no coordination between the North and the South Towers. This was the case when the system was implemented long time ago

If it’s only limited to Expert, I’m sure it will reduce the concentration of Tower facility in airports such as KLAX


Towers always sending on guards to people on the other tower frequency.

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Ok you got me there. Well played @GolferRyan.

That’s the main reason I think it was removed.

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