North American T6 Texan and Family

Whilst originally used as a training aircraft for various militaries the T6 is now sometimes used an acrobatics and racing aircraft, meaning it has plenty of both military and private liveries. It is a beautiful aircraft which would have a stunning cockpit view.

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Imagine doing this in IF in the T-6

AT-6 and its variants saw a lot of them when I was a kid. Uncle sold out the bone yard of 6’s for pennies on the dollar. Lots of them went to 3D world air farces. Saw a few up gunned and used by the VNAF Air Commando in the very early 60’s. Not a very fast machine with original cyclones. The 6 where replaced with “AD’s” now that’s an airplane. We called AD’s “Spads” they did CAS, OSC and SARCAP. They were tough Hunter Killers. The “Spad” is infamise with the SAR community. If you drove a Spad you never baught a beer. AT-6, not me I’ll take a “Spad”. Max Sends


Also the T6 Texan ii RNZAF colours.