North American T-6 "Texan"

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The T-6/T-6 SNJ “Texan” is a single-engined piston aircraft that flew on April 1, 1935 and was retired in 1995. Over 15000 were built and was used by 61 air forces across the world, from Argentina to Zaire.


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Oh yes, this is such a cool aircraft! But I wouldn’t like seeing everyone flying it at Los Angeles in 2016…

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Why not? Its a famous trainer and popular at air shows.

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MaxSez: the Texan is a classic Military intermediate trainer used extensively from the 40’s thru the jet age. North American built 1000+. There are presently 35 AT-6 registered with the FAA. Add it to the IF inventory I’d fly it with pleasure. I vote YES.


Do you have its POH? It would be nice to have it on the topic and on my PC so as to get familiarized with the aircraft.

@Swordfish… MaxSez: Here’s a great AT-6 Training Film Fish… The POH is available at a cost via the Web. Hooe this is helpful.


90kts flaps 20°.
75kts flaps full and final approach speed.
Reduce throttle.
Close throtte before a three point landing.
Got it.

Seeing absolutely everyone fly the same aircraft on a busy server?

Well, if everyone is going to fly it in SoCal, fly them from Van Nuys. Six T-6 Texans are stationed there, they fly over my house every weekend.

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We need this plane. I am bumping it for the votes feature. This plane looks cool!

MaxSez: "A"T-6 friends not T-6… (SNJ, Military) Regards All!

(The letter prefix has meaning; “A”= Ground Attack "T = Trainer. Google is your friend)

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