North American SNJ-6 Texan (T6)

I think this plane would make a good change to the game. It’s a WW2 era plane that served it’s purpose very well and is still in use today by airshow performers. It’s a very aerobatic plane and can do a ton of things. I would like this plane to be added because (as you can see on my profile) I love the T6 series of aircraft. I am hoping this gets some people’s attention so we can have some more old WWII planes besides just the spitfire, (which also needs a rework tbh). But, I am hoping that with project metal, as the development software advances, I’m hoping that aerobatic smoke (that comes out off the right wing under the engine cowling), is potentially added because, well maybe I am thinking about hosting airshows on casual server. (hint hint👀) Anyways, here is a picture of a North American SNJ-6 Texan in action!

I took this picture of Kevin Russo (The Jersey Jerks lead pilot) at the KMIV airshow this year.

As you can see, the smoke comes out next to the engine cowling on the right hand side, next to the wing. You can see a tiny antenna sticking out of the right wing also, (believe its an airspeed indicator). If you liked this topic, consider voting. Thanks :)