North American Pilots Club | Now IFVARB approved

North American Pilots Club | Now IFVARB approved!

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North American Pilots Club was founded in October of 2019 by @Butter_Boi under the name of “Tanistic Air Virtual”. After going downhill, and former staff leaving, @Butter_Boi was left with a tough decision. Just leave the VO, or take a leap and take ownership of the VO, Luckily, @Butter_Boi chose the latter, and he guided the airline through the darkest of times, seeking for staff to bring the idea of an amazing VO back. In May of 2020, @United2 joined the staff team as Chief Operations Officer. After months of hard work from our staff team and multiple new names and new operations, we finally settled with “North American Pilots Club”, a virtual organization that allows you to fly all over North America and the world in many liveries you may not have known existed in Infinite Flight. We thank all of our amazing staff, IFVARB board members, and pilots that helped us get to where we are now.

North American Pilots Club gives pilots the opportunity to fly around the world in all aircraft. Whether it’s in career mode or free mode, we give you an infinite amount of options. Whether you are flying at 747-400 into Los Angeles or a Cessna 208 into Lukla, North American Pilots Club provides it.

If you would like a VO that ensures professionalism, pilot success, or a great pilot base, this just may be the virtual organization for you. We hope to see you soaring the skies with NAPC soon!

North American Pilots Club provides 6 core programs. Each program allows you to fly new routes, use new features, and master different aircraft in Infinite Flight. Each program has been integrated into our crew center, website, and slack.

Commercial Program

NAPC’s Commercial Program consists of 400+ routes circling all of North America in addition to our oversea flights. Our Commercial Program is set up in a “Career Mode" fashion. Our Career Mode is set up in a “wherever you land, that is where you start next” style. Like all of our other 6 programs the more hours you accumulate, the more planes you are granted access towards. This gives you a true sense of realism and an incentive to fly.

Program - Q400, E170, E175, E190, CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9, B712, A319, A320, A321, B737, B738, B739, DC10, MD11, A333, B752, B763, B788, B789, B78X, B77L, B773, A359, and B742

Private Program

Our Private Program consists of all the private/corporate aircraft in Infinite Flight. Identical to the General Aviation Program, our Private Program also follows a region map posted in the “ga-and-private-program” slack channel posted on Sunday’s. Our Private Program also has a career mode option that can be used for pilots that would like to experience a more realistic environment.

Program aircraft - A318, B737, B748, CCX, and MD-11

General Aviation Program

Our General Aviation Program consists of all the general aviation aircraft in Infinite Flight. Our General Aviation Program influences pilots to fly to the un-visited airports in Infinite Flight with fantastic scenery whether it be an asphalt, concrete, sandbar, grass, gravel, or dirt runway. Our General Aviation Program also provides a Civil Air Patrol, hardest landings/approaches, and general aviation airshow features. Identical to the Private Program, our General Aviation Program also follows a region map posted in the “ga-and-private-program” slack channel posted on Sunday’s. The General Aviation Program does not have a “career mode” function due to the fact that there are an infinite amount of destinations that you can visit. Though, we will not take the career mode feature out of consideration in the future.

Program aircraft - C172, C208, SR22, XCUB, and TBM-930

Military Program

Our Military Program consists of many of the military aircraft in Infinite Flight. Whether you are patrolling, evacuating, or flying in a tight formation, our Military Program provides it all! Our Military program has a “Career Mode” and a “Blue Angels Airshow” function, along with many others.

Program aircraft - A-10, F-16C, F-14, C-130H, C-130J, C130J-30, F-22, and DC-10

Air Traffic Control Program


Our Air Traffic Control Program allows NAPC pilots to familiarize themselves with the Air Traffic Control features in Infinite Flight. We hope this provides a stepping block for all aspiring IFATC controllers.

Program aircraft - None

Legacy Program

Our Legacy Program consists of only the “Legacy Airplanes” in Infinite Flight. To go along with this, we only fly into now defunct or closed airports around the world. This program does not have a “career mode” at the moment.

Program aircraft - F/A-18, C-17 Globemaster, P-38, and the Spitfire

Rank Commercial Private General Aviation Military Legacy
Junior Pilot Q400, E170, E175, E190, CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9, B712, and A319 CCX C172, SR22, XCUB, TBM-930, and C208 Spitfire, P-38, and F/A-18 Spitfire
First Officer A320, A321, B737, B738, B739, DC10, and MD11 A318 XCUB F-22 and A-10 P-38
Captain A333, B752, and B763 B737BBJ TBM-930 C-130H, and C-130J C-17 Globemaster
Chief Captain B788 and B789 MD-11 C208 C-17 Globemaster None
Senior Captain B78X and B77L None None C130J-30 None
Senior Captain - Moderator B773, A359, and B742 B748BBJ None VC-25 Air Force One and DC-10 None

Senior Captain - Board Member - All aircraft in our fleet & access to the #board-member slack channel.

Each rank shows new aircraft available.

North American Pilots Club gives out weekly, monthly, and yearly awards. These awards go to the pilots that show the best skills in flight. Whether it be a loop in an XCUB or a -5 feet per minute landing in a DC-10, you will get rewarded for it. We have 3 major awards, the softest landing of the year, the coolest trick of the year, and the biggest, the pilot of the year. Each award has its own perks, whether it be x2 flight time or a free partnership of an event, we give it.

NAPC uses a tier system for awards. The higher tier, the more awards you can achieve. We have 3 tiers, bronze, silver, and gold. Each comes with a custom emoji that pilots can put on their slack display name as a bragging right.

List of awards
Bronze Silver Gold
Commercial Pilot Softest Landing (month) Pilot of the quarter
Private Pilot Flyer Most Flight Time (month) Pilot of the year
Military Commander IFATC Specialist Most Flight Time (year)
General Aviation Mentor IFATC Officer Softest Landing (year)
ATC Master Best in-air trick Staff member of the year

Position Name Tasks
CEO @United2 Oversees everything that goes on at the VO. Runs everything behind the scenes
COO @Josh_Smith Runs day-to-day tasks at North America Pilot’s Club
President @Butter_Boi Deals with all IFC related issues. Head of the Board.
Head of Airline Affairs OPEN Accepts all PIREP’s, run the day-to-day for our programs, helps in crew center management, and hands out weekly and monthly awards
Head Recruiter @Gtmkm98 Accepts all-new pilot’s, hands out callsign, and helps get pilot’s adjusted to our crew enter. Assists COO and CEO in multiple tasks
Chief Education Officer OPEN Help’s run our wonderful training program. They run all practical, entry, and rank test. They also help in answering any aviation related questions.
Education Officer OPEN Help’s run our wonderful training program. They run all practical, entry, and rank tests. They also help in answering any aviation-related questions.
Information Officer @Zach007 Run’s social media, updates pilot’s weekly, creates handbooks with the help of other staff, and hands out pilot promotions
HR and Hub Manager OPEN Deals with all VO conflicts, keeps discussions respectful, and manages all routes and programs for the VO
Would you like to apply for staff? If so, click here.
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight subscription
  • Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
  • Must not be IFVARB blacklisted
  • Good standing with IFVARB and IFC
  • Access to slack
  • Must file a PIREP at least once a month

Contact @Josh_Smith or @United2 if you are interested.


  1. Grade 3 in Infinite Flight and active Infinite Flight subscription
  2. Access to slack and Infinite Flight Community
  3. At least 13 years of age (Minimum age to join Infinite Flight Community)

Please allow up to 24 hours for our recruiter to contact you. To apply, apply here.

Have questions? If so, let us know! We would love to answer!



Congratulations NAPC! welcome to the IFC!


Congratulations on your approval, I hope there is a nice, long future ahead for this VO!

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Congrats! Glad to be part of the VO for months now

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I’m so grateful to be part of the amazing team behind NAPC. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

I’m very happy to be apart of this VA!

Congratulations NAPC! I’m very happy to fly for this VO!

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Thanks for all the kind wishes @mwe2187, @ShaneAviation, @GBKarp, @Butter_Boi, and @MJP_27!


I’m happy to be the COO of this VO :)

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Congratulations on getting certified! I’ve already applied! 👏


Welcome to the VA world, @NAPC.

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@IF.Alaska Thanks! We will review it.

@MalaysiaAirlinesVA Thank you for your kind words.

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North American Pilots Club | VO Updates

This will be the start of our monthly updates. We have accomplished a lot in the last month. We are now happy to present it to you.

  1. All routes have been added to our crew center. These routes are now bookable and flyable for all of those who would like to participate in career mode.

  2. General Aviation and Private Programs are now open and ready for flying. The career mode routes are not here yet, but they will be here by the end of this week. We plan to have them fully in the system by 10/30/2020.

  3. ATC Program is in full swing. We have already had 2 pilots participate in this program, the feedback has been mixed, but that is why we made 2 new changes. First, more intuitive tests for pilots to ensure they are getting the most information locked in their heads. Second, more visual photos to help pilots visualize their goals.

  4. Finally, our final update. We completed the CSV document that allows pilots to view their hours, rank, awards, and programs. This allows pilots to see if they are eligible for any of our programs such as the Board and slack moderators.

That is all for this time. We will see you in a few weeks with our new updates. If you have any questions, shoot us a DM. We can get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks!