North American Pilots Club | New CEO, New beginnings

North American Pilots Club | New CEO, New beginnings

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North American Pilots Club is an Infinite Flight virtual organization founded in September 2020 focused on learning, flying, and fun. Since its founding, @United2 has been CEO. On June 20th, he stepped down and handed the keys off to @Josh_Smith. Josh is bringing new and good changes to the VO to better improve it.

These changes have been effective and NAPC continues to grow. These changes involve new programs, the elimination of old and outdated programs, new events, a new crew center, and more. All of which you can read about below.


NAPC has 5 different programs. Many of which have switched focus or been eliminated since our last thread. Read about them below!

Tanistic and Commercial Program

The Tanistic Program is NAPC’s newest program. This program brings us back to our roots. The Tanistic Program is a route network of over 1000 routes from 6 main hubs and 10 focus cities linking North America to the world. All of our routes are already in our new crew center. Every quarter of the year, we add 10 routes to this system.

To access the Tanistic Program routes, click here.

The Commercial Program is much of the same but without a routes database. You can file any route as long as it is operated in real life. You must be of rank to fly the aircraft used though. The commercial program is one of NAPC’s longest-lasting programs and its success has been huge!

General Aviation and Private Programs

The general aviation program at NAPC uses all of Infinites Flights GA aircraft. Each rank unlocks a new GA aircraft. NAPC’s general aviation program has no boundaries and you can fly anywhere in North America you please!

NAPC’s private program consists of all Infinite Flights business jets. For this program, you have two options. One, you can participate in our career mode, which routes can be accessed here. This career mode provides 4 main hubs, 2 secondary hubs, and 2 international hubs and consists of over 200 routes.

Military Program

NAPC’s military uses all of the Infinite Flights military aircraft that are operated by North American countries (United States, Canada, and Mexico). You may fly anywhere you please, although, your flight must start or end at a Military/Air Force base.

Since our last thread, the ATC program has been eliminated due to a lack of use. It has been replaced with a channel named “ATC” used for IFATC members announcing the opening and a bot that provides information about where IFATC is open.

NAPC is also looking into starting a new program, the “Legacy Program” using only Infinite Flights “legacy” aircraft. Check the news section of our website for updates!


  1. NAPC is introducing an Airport of the week (AOTW). We will choose one airport each week in which pilots flying in can receive a 1.5x flight time bonus. We hope this will entice pilots to explore our routes database and fly places where they usually do not fly.

  2. NAPC is bringing in a new, easy-to-use crew center. Linked here, we hope it will make our pilot’s lives easier when filing PIREPS.

  3. NAPC is adding routes of the week (ROTW). All pilots that fly these routes will also receive a 1.5x flight time bonus. These routes will be both scenic, enjoyable, while bringing challenges to the pilot that makes them test their skills.

  4. NAPC has removed aircraft from its fleet. We removed the aircraft that had low demand and that were rarely used. We hope this will help advance NAPC and we have only seen positive response since.

  5. NAPC has added a new program, the Tanistic Program. NAPC was founded as Tanistic Air Virtual and we thought it would be cool if we brought that back in some form. Because of that, we have added a new program with all the routes used back with them!

  6. NAPC eliminated the ATC program due to a lack of use. It has been changed to a “ATC” channel in discord.

  7. Finally, NAPC is at last adding a routes database. All routes are fictional and are flown between multiple main and secondary hubs. These routes databases can be found in the Tanistic and Private programs. They will soon be added to the military program.


Rank Commercial and Tanistic Private and General Aviation Military
Junior Pilot E175, E190, CRJ2, CRJ7, and CRJ9 C172, XCUB, TBM-930, and C208 Spitfire, P-38, and F/A-18
First Officer A319, A320, A321, B737, B738, and B739 CCX and XCUB F-22 and A-10
Captain B752 and B763 A318, B737BBJ, and TBM-930 C-130H, and C-130J
Chief Captain A333 and 787-8 MD-11 and C208 C-17 Globemaster
Senior Captain 787-9 and B78X SR22 C130J-30
Senior Captain - Moderator B773, A359, and B744 B748BBJ VC-25 Air Force One and DC-10

Senior Captain - Board Member - All aircraft in our fleet & access to the board room channel on discord.


NAPC has many new and existing events that happen daily:

  • Routes of the Week (ROTW)

  • Dogfights

  • Friday Night Overnight (FNON)

  • Casual Server Races

  • GA formation flights

  • Daily Flashflights

All this among many other unique events each centered around one program!


Position Name
CEO @Josh_Smith
COO @Wesley_Fry
CTO @Crcoli737
President @Butter_Boi
Head of Airline Affairs @Calebtheblobfish
Head Recruiter @Gtmkm98
Head of Pilot Traning Vacant (Recruiting)
Routes Manager Vacant (Recruiting)
Events Manager Vacant (Recruiting)

Contact @Josh_Smith to apply for a staff position



  1. Grade 2 in Infinite Flight and active Infinite Flight subscription
  2. Access to discord
  3. At least 13 years of age

Please allow up to 24 hours for our recruiter to contact you. To apply, click here.

Drop your comments and thoughts below!



Thanks to everyone who made it a blast while I was there. I hope Josh has a good time and a successful one.

Thanks all

Hoorah! The new threads finally here. Hope ya’ll enjoy!

I love this new thread, good job guys!

We did it finally! It is amazing nice work, @United2, @Crcoli737, @Butter_Boi, @Josh_Smith, and @Wesley_Fry! Also I would be good being routes manager, events manager, and head of pilot training.

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Also, I forgot to add. Can’t wait to see how the routes work out!

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This looks pretty cool.


I am proud to be the ceo here!


Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate feedback as it allows us to further improve our VO.

Hey guys!

Keep a look out for our new website that’s coming out soon 👀.

I am proud to be thE COO

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