North American Pilots Club | Changing for the better | 2021 Thread

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Nice thread guys! I love the banners 👌


@IF_Pacific Thank you for your words! We love the banners too.


Ok after I have read your thread I am joining this! I am so looking forward to flying with this VO!


Great to hear! We will review it.


North American Pilots Club | End of January updates

As we end January, this will be NAPC’s last update until late February. NAPC’s 2021 thread has been a success, and we are glad. But, we continue to strive for the better, because that NAPC saw 2 new changes that may be the last for a long time.

  1. NAPC eliminated Commercial Program routes, this now allows pilots to fly any commercial route as long as they are of the rank to. This allows our pilots more freedom.

  2. We saw our Head of Airline Affairs @Gyan_Gautam1 step down. This means the Head of Airline Affairs is now open. Contact @United2 to apply.

That is all for January. See you all in February!


North American Pilots Club | March updates

The Spring Season is upon us, and NAPC is ready for the rush. We are implementing and revamping a few things to make sure NAPC is up to code.

  1. We are completely redoing our ATC program and redoing our approach. Before, the goal was to focus on members wanting to pursue IFATC, not everyone wants to do that. Now, we have focused on developing good controllers that can adequately control the Training Server. In order to achieve this, we will no longer do sessions, rather events where many NAPC pilots can fly in and be vectored to the ground.

  2. We will be creating a routeing chain that goes around the world that unlocks as you rank up. This route chain will begin in Newark, make its way to Los Angeles, Singapore, and so on. Check the website for the full route chain.

  3. We will be re-implementing a career style mode solely for the private program. This does, however, involve some sort of center that we want to do on our website. This will be a slow process, but we want to get it up and running by mid-to-late April.

  4. We plan on evolving our Pilot Center on the website by adding a flight tracker, flight plan creator, recommended route generator, and an event calendar. This is something that the staff has wanted to do for a long time and we are finally getting around to it.

NAPC will have new updates coming every to every other week now that we have good ideas that we can execute quickly with a quality outcome. We cannot wait to share our accomplishments with you. Thanks for reading.

Total Pilots - 23
Total Hours - 3472
Total PIREPS - 308

To apply to NAPC, click here.


North American Pilots Club - Updated Pilot Numbers

Total Pilots - 24
Total Hours - 3586
Total PIREPS - 329

Note: ATC program has been updated and is now successful.

To apply to NAPC, click here.


North American Pilots Club | April updates


Hello IFC! NAPC has been working on a lot during the last month and we are happy to bring it all to you. Enjoy!

  1. We added a new events system that allows events to be attended by all pilots no matter the time zone. We now do 2 events a day so all can attend!

  2. We will be bringing back the crew center for our new career mode. This will have recommended routes for all programs.

  3. HUGE NEWS! We will be adding a new program, the Tanistic Program. This is a mini-airline within NAPC. We will use all aircraft using the Generic livery. Please click the “Our Hubs” below to see where we operate in and out of. More of this coming in the following weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

Tanistic Virtual Airlines Hubs

Primary Hubs

  • KPIT - main hub
  • KDEN
  • KLAX
  • KMIA
  • KORD
  • KSEA
  • KDFW
  • PGUM

Secondary Hubs

  • KMSY
  • KSTL
  • KAUS
  • KSMF
  • KMKE
  • KBOI
  • KCLT
  • KDFW
  • KPHX
  • KSFO
  • KMCO
  • KABQ
  • PANC
  • KHSV
  • KPDX
  • KBIL
  • KCHS
  • KLAS
  • KSAT
  • KBNA

  1. We have completed the flight tracker, flight plan creator, and the recommended routes generator. They will be added to our website in the following days.

This new miniature virtual airline will be completed in early May. Our staff is currently setting up the crew center and creating scenic and fun routes for all!

NAPC is looking for staff members!

The following positions are open:

Head of Internal Affairs
Event Manager

To apply, contact @United2.

Total Pilots - 23
Total Hours - 3782
Total PIREPS - 362

To apply to NAPC, click here.

To access our website, click here.


Glad to see the progress we are making. Thanks to my great staff for helping with this new program that should help the VO going forward!


NAPC staff


Applied! Can’t wait! 😊


Great to hear! We will review it.


Hello IFC, I forgot to post this the other day. NAPC is starting a new events series, “Visiting Americas Unvisited”. More info in the link below. Enjoy!

NAPC Updates

  1. All the routes for the Tanistic Program are complete. This program will completely replace the Commercial Program.

  2. Learn About Aviation channel is restarting. Every Tuesday and Thursday new facts will be posted in the channel for pilots to enjoy and use in Infinite Flight.

  3. A Chicago-Midway event will be posted tomorrow for a new event series. The link will be posted by @United2 when it is posted.

  4. The new GA program route are also complete and available to NAPC pilots. This will not entirely replace the GA program but it will replace some aspects.

  5. Do you have any ideas for our VO? If so, let us know! We are always looking for feedback and improvement.

Total Pilots - 21
Total Hours - 3923
Total PIREPS - 401

To apply to NAPC, click here.

To access our website, click here.

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Hello IFC, our event thread has just been made. Check it out below!

People who remember me as the CEO are really OGs.

Good ol’ Tanistic Air Virtual, yes I remember. 😉

Lol. Tanistic Air Virtual, damn that’s been forever ago.


Hello NAPC Pilots,

We now have a new Flare crew center hosted by VANet!

You can head to the new crew center and apply at the link below.

Happy flying!

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