North American Pilots Club | Changing for the better | 2021 Thread

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North American Pilots Club | 2021 Spring & Summer Thread

Hello Infinite Flight Community members! We are North American Pilots Club, an Infinite Flight virtual organization founded in early 2019. At NAPC, we strive for a professional pilot base while maintaining a fun and clean environment. Our wonderful staff will work hard to ensure that this is kept. If you think our VO will suit you, continue reading!

You may find yourself asking “why should I join NAPC?” Well, glad you asked. North American Pilots Club allows you to fly not just in North America, but around the world. Whether you want to fly an XCub around the Appalachian mountains, or a 747 across the pond, NAPC has the best of both worlds and everything in between!

North American Pilots Club is a VO committed to professionalism, the joy of flying, and above all, our pilot’s experience. We provide some of the most cutting-edge resources for our pilots, and our staff is always willing to help out. Our #1 priority is you, the pilot.

If you value these things too, the North American Pilots Club is the VO for you!

North American Pilots Club consists of 5 programs. Our 5 programs are the following: Commercial, Private, General Aviation, Military, and Air Traffic Control. Each program has separate perks, events, and routes. Click below to learn more!

Reference News for changes.

ATC Program

NAPC has a brand new refitted ATC program that currently has 3 admits. Our program is centered on one idea, getting the member into IFATC or have immense knowledge of ATC for the future. Through mock practice tests, practice practicals, and general lessons on Air Traffic Control, NAPC’s team of pilots, along with staff members will be able to get you the best practice prior to applying for an ATC position. This ensures that you have the proper boost to get to your goal.

Commercial Program

After many hours logged, 100’s of PIREPS filed, and pilot feedback, NAPC has decided to get rid of career mode in our Commercial Program. We now grant the ability to pilots to jump around and fly whatever route suits them. With NAPC’s 450+ Commercial Routes and easy to use pilot center, our commercial program is better than ever and easy to use. With routes in Cape Air’s C208, Frontiers A320, to Delta’s A350, NAPC provides countless routes with endless opportunities allowing the pilots to enjoy what’s best, fly.

Program - Q400, E170, E175, E190, CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9, B712, A319, A320, A321, B737, B738, B739, DC10, MD11, A333, B752, B763, B788, B789, B78X, B77L, B773, A359, and B742

General Aviation Program

Our General Aviation Program, along with our other programs also saw new changes. First, we eliminated our restrictive map for flying. Now, the map is a multiplier map for all programs. Our general aviation program now allows you to fly anywhere in North America on any route. Our fleet consists of every GA aircraft in Infinite Flight. Along with these new changes, we added a new event. The C172 race across the country. Every March, NAPC spends one-day racing from KTOA-KTEB on the casual server. This along with other events are some of the perks of our GA program.

Program aircraft - C172, C208, SR22, XCUB, and TBM-930

Military Program

Our Military Program is more of the same with some new events. Most notably, we began a new fun event on the casual server called dogfights. If a pilot can successfully aim their FPV on the other plane and take a screenshot, you win. Along with this, we removed routes for the Military Program. Now, the flight must start in and out of an Air Force base or somewhere with Military startups. You can find all these details on for startup info. This, along with new events and perks make our military program more enjoyable.

Program aircraft - A-10, F-16C, F-14, C-130H, C-130J, C130J-30, F-22, and DC-10

Private Program

Our Private Program also had some changes since our last thread. The staff realized that the Private Program was too restrictive. Due to this, we changed it up. Now, all pilots that fly in the Private Program can fly anywhere to and from North America and file a PIREP for it. This allows you, the pilot, to have more leeway and explore all corners of the world.

Program aircraft - A318, B737, B748, CCX, and MD-11

The flight does not have to start and end in North America. The flight may start/end out of North America but is also must start/end in North America.

NAPC’s ranks are one of the only things that have not changed in our VO. They are the same and follow as:

Rank Commercial Private General Aviation Military
Junior Pilot Q400, E170, E175, E190, CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9, B712, and A319 CCX C172, XCUB, TBM-930, and C208 Spitfire, P-38, and F/A-18
First Officer A320, A321, B737, B738, B739, DC10, and MD11 A318 XCUB F-22 and A-10
Captain A333, B752, and B763 B737BBJ TBM-930 C-130H, and C-130J
Chief Captain B788 and B789 MD-11 C208 C-17 Globemaster
Senior Captain B78X and B77L None SR22 C130J-30
Senior Captain - Moderator B773, A359, and B742 B748BBJ None VC-25 Air Force One and DC-10

Senior Captain - Board Member - All aircraft in our fleet & access to the board room channel on discord.

With NAPC’s change to discord, we can now take better advantage of our awards with discords “role” system. Now, if you win an award you get a custom role just for you. These roles can give you access to different channels so you can better enjoy yourself in the North American Pilots Club community.

NAPC has a 3 tier system identical to the Olympics. Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Our Awards
Bronze Silver Gold
Commercial Pilot Softest Landing (month) Pilot of the quarter
Private Pilot Flyer Most Flight Time (month) Pilot of the year
Military Commander IFATC Specialist Most Flight Time (year)
General Aviation Mentor IFATC Officer Softest Landing (year)
ATC Master Plane down Staff member of the year

NAPC is still working on an award perks system

NAPC has added quite a few new events. These events were added 2 weeks ago and are already a hit!

  • Friday Overnight Flight

  • Flash Flights

  • Dogfights

  • Casual server madness

  • Casual server races

  • Learn About Aviation

  • Routes of the Week


  1. Grade 3 in Infinite Flight and active Infinite Flight subscription
  2. Access to discord and the Infinite Flight Community
  3. At least 13 years of age

Please allow up to 24 hours for our recruiter to contact you. To apply, click here.

NAPC news

If you have read about our programs, you may know a little about what goes here. Since our approval in September, we continue to change and adapt to what is best for our pilots. Because of this we have added/changed the following:

  1. Our GA and Private Programs no longer have map or route restrictions. You are now free to fly anywhere in North America or in and out of North America. We hope this allows our pilots more freedom.

  2. We got rid of our crew center and moved to an air table based organization. Due to continued problems with our old crew center, we deleted it and moved entirely to our Weebly website. Not only does this centralize everything, but it also makes everything easier to use.

  3. We opened social media! We finally are able to post about what goes on in our VO and new updates that make us more accessible to the VO community.

  4. We moved to discord. Due to the Slack terms of service, our board made the decision to move to discord. We hope this makes our VO easier to use. We believe this change is helpful and needed.

  5. We developed a staff document that outlines day-to-day at NAPC. You can find this here.

NAPC staff

Position Name
CEO @United2
COO @Josh_Smith
President @Butter_Boi
Head Recruiter @Gtmkm98
Head of Airline Affairs @Gyan_Gautam1
Assistant of Airline Affairs OPEN

Contact @United2 to apply for a staff position.

Have questions? If so, let us know! We would love to answer!


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