North American P-51D-25 "Bald Eagle" (N51JB)

It would be absolutely fantastic to see this piece of aviation history join the Infinite Flight Fleet, as an avid warbird and airshow enthusiast myself, It’s quite depressing seeing only two warbirds in game.

Here is the P-51D-25 (N51JB) named “Bald Eagle”, she is flown in the North American airshow circuit by Jim Beasley Jr., you can see Bald Eagle flying alongside modern day USAF aircraft in a unique formation called the Air Force Heritage Flight.

This is not an aircraft request, there is an amazing thread that deserves votes and attention - North American P-51 Mustang

This is a livery request, specifically for N51JB

For more information on Bald Eagle, as well as an impressive gallery of her photos, check out this web page:

Here is the photo credit link:

Thank you all, have a great day!

If you want better Airshows from IFCAS once approved, you should try getting this legend in!

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They should rework the already existing one first. Especially the Spitfire. Such a legendary warbird

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Managed to see Bald Eagle herself yesterday at the Ocean City airshow!