North American P-51 Mustang

The P-51 is an iconic warbird every av-geek and and flight simmer should be familiar with

Able to obtain a top speed of 380 kts with its 1940’s V-12 engine the mustang served well into the 1980’s with some air forces around the world. During World War 2 mustang pilots shot down over 4,000 enemy aircraft.

In terms of Infinite Flight the P51 had endless roles, that being Airshows and races, Formations with the spitfire and P38 ( Which would look amazing) and flying through the cascade mountain range’s in Seattle to name a few.

Hopefully you guys are as passionate about this amazing piece of aviation history as I am and get the P-51 Mustang in Infinite Flight. :)


@Maxmustang - Interested?

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I want the D variant. #bubblecanopy

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Max is gone.

He isn’t “gone”, he “retired”

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When you retire from a job, do you ever go back to work?

Please the spits nice the Mustangs better



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Jordan came out of retirement.

A month isn’t retirement.

All, Please stay on topic.

This would be an awesome addition to the prop warplanes of IF.

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For anyone interested in the P51. Mustangs Mustangs has a pretty cool webpage.

If I had votes left I would vote for the miltary and air race variants.


Bumping this. Imagine how fun it would be to fly this powerhouse of an aircraft!

I’d love to fly a Heritage flight with this, a P-38, and maybe a F-16 during an airshow!


Thanks for the reminder. I freed up a vote for this!


We need more votes for this. I want the mustang.

This would be awesome to have, especially for air shows.

The P-51 is the best WWII fighter aircraft. In the present day, some P-51s are still used as aerobatic aircraft.
The P-51 might be added next year or year after, but I’m also looking forward to see it in future updates.


image They should add the Voodoo P-51 type.

My favorite WWII combat aircraft!image


I’m up for Moose livery.

or RAF Livery.