North American Airlines (N767NA) Boeing 767-300ER. 1984 - 2014

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I saw check on the internet for Google information about it North American Airlines the company headquarters it’s in Peachtree City, Georgia, United States. Its main aircraft and maintenance base was Tampa International Airport (KTPA/TPA). Former Hubs: John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport (KJFK/JFK), and Focus City: Baltimore/Washington Int’l Airport (KBWI/BWI) was the ended service last in May 2008. North American Airlines was founded in 1984 the service for passengers then ended service last year in 2008 early the reason bought a ticket was shut down transferred to Charter Military notice then and last time shutdown until June 9, 2014, the reason it was bankrupt.

North American Airlines (N767NA) Boeing 767-300ER.

Credit photo from Steve Blechschmidt.
Taken date: November 27, 2011 at Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ/EDDP).

The picture version product has only 6 doors and nothing with winglets and back little label color is white “Boeing 767” and shorter one underline color is light yellow paint on the plane. The back tail flag is the USA only and also the front door.

If we consider the want added North American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER involved IF request in the future have fun the game! Who wants an added vote on IF game, if you are interested in North American Airlines? The engines called: 2 x GE CF6-80C2B7F

North American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (7):
  1. LN 413 (N762NA) June 15, 2011 - June 22, 2014.

  2. LN 488 (N760NA) April 7, 2004 - April 8, 2015.

  3. LN 493 (N764NA) December 8, 2008 - September 11, 2015.

  4. LN 601 (N767NA) August 1, 2002 - June 9, 2014.

  5. LN 610 (N769NA) February 17, 2007 - December 18, 2009.

  6. LN 607 (N765NA) March 22, 2006 - July 15, 2011.

  7. LN 754 (N768NA) September 6, 2002 - June 9, 2014.

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