North America

I was in a Plane & Pilot event today that didn’t work out so well on my end because of my WiFi, but during one WiFi outage, this view of North America was seen from over 70,000,000 feet up in a private 737-700, with a special cabin to fit the pressures of space. Well, here she is. The big blue marble with some moss on it! Earth, specifically North America!

(Btw the server was expert and the flight was from KSAN-KSFO)


It’s beautiful. I might be able to see my house from there. Slightly. It’s almost hidden.


Wow, that looks amazing! I wonder how you didn’t get a violation/ghost

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It happened while I was offline, this didn’t actually happen in the game. This happened as a result of my wifi shutting off in the flight.

Nevertheless, it looks amazing!

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It really is beautiful, even for a simulator!

That’s really nice

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Thank you!

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