Norse B789 | Making History Together! | FACT - ENOE (AT27)

A Boeing 787-9 from the Norse airline has been in the news and trend these days for being the first Boeing 787 to land in the cold Antarctic. In Infinite Flight I wanted to recreate this event to which our moderator @RickG joined.

Enjoy these 10 photos and comment on which one is your favorite!

1. On Ground - FACT

2. Take Off - FACT

3. Leveled at FL380

4. Turning right to intercept the localizer

5. My landing (It’s also my first landing in Antarctica.)

6. On ground and @RickG ready to landing

7. @RickG before touchdown

8. Norse Boeing Kiss

9. Rick and Me making history in Infinite Flight

10. On Ground - AT27

Would you like to do this flight? I share with you the flight plan used:
FACTAT27 (1).fpl (4,7 KB)

Flight Time: 5 Hrs 10 Mnts
Flight Level: 38,000ft
Speed: M0.82
Server: Expert


Great flight. Great shots. Thanks again! ❤️


I just watched video that norse 787 landing on a snow. Insane photos!


What a nice flight ! But does ENOE actually exist in IF or you just landed on some random ice field ? Btw here are the irl shots


I went to Antertica on A340
Fact - Nzir
Took me more then 8 hours

Most challenging part is the airstrip is almost invisible, it’s visible only if anyone just on it

Just like a milky white strip on a white carpet


If it is, it appears as AT27, that’s why I put it in parentheses next to ENOE (AT27) Troll Airfield


Awesome photos!

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Were’nt you flying on HiFly?

Woow!! Beautiful photos