Norse Atlantic To Partner With Spirit, EasyJet, Norwegian

Norse Atlantic To Partner With Spirit, EasyJet, Norwegian


Norse Atlantic Airways, the successor to Norwegian Long Haul has announced new partnerships with airlines, to be able to allow their customers to connect to other airlines to continue their onward travels.

These new partnerships will allow passengers from all over the US and Europe to access a long haul low cost flight without having to self transfer.

United States

Spirit Airlines

Spirit will offer connections from Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Los Angeles. They will offer connections to Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Houston, Cancun, Nashville, and Pittsburgh.



Norwegian will offer connections from Oslo, London Gatwick, and Berlin. They will offer connections to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.


EasyJet will offer connections from London Gatwick and Berlin. No destinations have been announced yet.

These connections will allow travelers to access more flights and destinations at a cheaper price than other airlines. I’m excited to see how these partnerships will grow!


Interesting 🤔🤔

Idk how spirt being bought will affect this but it is kinda cool.

That’s very interesting. I never actually heard if norse Atlantic. But very good we will see a new airline

I can see this working out!

Seems to be the perfect match for connecting passengers in North American and Europe!

Very interesting. Seeing as they are partnering with budget airlines, strategically it can allow for extremely competitively priced itineraries across the Atlantic. I can see this going extremely well if it can overcome the seasonal shifts in demand.

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