Norse Atlantic Selects Fort Lauderdale As Long Haul Base | Announces Flights To LON & Paris | Receives USDOT Certificate

Norse Atlantic Selects Fort Lauderdale As Their USA Long Haul Base - To Start Flights To London, Oslo, Paris


Norse Atlantic Airways, the replacement for the footprint left by Norwegian when they suspended all long-haul operations during the pandemic has announced that they will be forming a base in what was Norwegians former long haul hub, Fort Lauderdale.

According to some executives, “Fort Lauderdale (FLL) was one of its first international bases in the United States. In 2019 figures obtained by OAG showed that Norwegian Long Haul offered 417,221 seats, the ninth-largest international base of the old company.”

For that reason, Ontario and New York Stewart will continue to get services nonstop to Oslo, and Fort Lauderdale will also get an additional two destinations; London, Paris (and Oslo).

These are 3 destinations that Norwegian did serve from Fort Lauderdale profitably, but when they removed all their other long-haul flights, it was useless to operate these, as costs became higher.

(For airlines, in general, it is harder to operate just a few long-haul flights daily, as long haul flights usually need to have special crews, special services, and different aircraft. A lot of airlines try to avoid this like jetBlue in which they use A321s on their flight to London, so pilots who do their normal operations can operate this flight like it’s any other.)


The airport in which they will serve in London is still unclear. Unlike other newer carriers to the transatlantic market (jetBlue) Norse Atlantic decided not to apply for slots at unarguably Londons most popular airport - Heathrow. Instead, they attempted to gain slots at the second largest airport, Gatwick. Norwegian served all their long-haul operations from London from that airport. However, it appears that even though jetBlue was recently approved for 552 extra slots, Norse Atlantic was denied. They were later granted 2,722 slots at Stansted.

“We view both Gatwick and Stansted as potential bases for our UK operation, and we are still keeping our options open.”

“We are confident we will get the departure and landing permits we want at Gatwick, and at the same time we also consider Stansted an attractive airport for Norse."

No slots have been announced for the airline in Paris yet, however. It is assumed they will get slots at Paris Charles de Gaulle, but it’s easier to get slots there than it is at London airports.

I am excited to see Norse Atlantic grow from Fort Lauderdale as their US base, and to see the expansion of services across the Atlantic on the Boeing 787!


Operating certificate ✅

Still waiting for USDOT


USDOT secured ✅


Scoop: (not confirmed) Norse will start selling tickets by the start of April & first flight attendant base to be set up in Fort Lauderdale.

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Norse sent out a press release today saying they plan to open ticket sales by the end of March and start with an Oslo to U.S. route.

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LUX interactive will be the system that Norse runs its website on. This company has designed websites for multiple airlines, including:

  • Southwest
  • Silver
  • Spirit
  • Porter
    & More!


Norse Atlantic will officially operate from GATWICK airport in London. They will also delay their launch to June.

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Fort Lauderdale
New York JFK
Los Angeles

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Flights start summer 2022. Flights now available to book.


So basically a stepchild of Norwegian lol.

Oslo to MCO! That will be a fun route to fly!

Im currently looking at flying MCO-OSL. Could be a fun trip to go on and its so cheap

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Norse will now fly from Berlin to New York-JFK and Los Angeles.

They will also fly from London Gatwick to New York and Oslo.

This year has been huge for the Gatwick to New York market, as we have seen first jetBlue, then British Airways, and now Norse attempt to cross the ocean from Gatwick.



I’m already worried they’re expanding too fast. We’ve seen it time and time again and the airlines fail.

They have 11 aircraft available this summer, they gotta put them somewhere.

The current network with the 8 routes only requires around 5-6 aircraft. CDG routes will be announced soon. Since they’re doing Berlin, it opens up possibilities to operate out of other European destinations, such as serving ATH-LAX, Croatia to New York, etc.

Demand for U.S. to Europe is seriously high this summer. Anecdotally, almost all Europe flights out of DFW are leaving completely full, which I don’t think has happened to this extent in past seasons.

Their whole operation is still a bit questionable with high fuel prices and how they source their bookings by purely relying on their website. But that should change soon since it looks like they’re going to be appearing on other booking engines such as Google Flights.

Oh I didnt realize they already had all those aircraft. Hopefully their is enough point to point traffic.

I feel like those DFW flights are very heavily connecting traffic because AA passengers can connect onto BA, Iberia, Finnair, and of course all the AA flights. How many of those passengers originate in Dallas? I mean some for sure but I would imagine many are from other cities.

I think that they are not going to fill a whole 787 of passengers that must originate from New York and must end in Berlin while having to find the flights on their website. Im sure getting into google flights would help.

Today, Norse announced that they will add a flight from Berlin (BER) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL). The service will be 3x weekly starting on December 7.

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I mean, Breeze seems to have accomplished it. They don’t seem like they are in trouble and thriving off of mass expansion.

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Well sort of. Theyve cut routes and reduced frequencies like crazy, many before they even started. Similar to JetBlue (ironically) they expand in mass, and they cut in mass.


Cut in mass the routes that don’t work well for them or haven’t produced the profit they’ve wanted those routes to make.