Norse Atlantic Airlines - What?

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New Norwegian Airline, Using 787s

Norwegian’s former executive Bjorn Tore Larsen plans to open a new carrier based in Oslo and from other cities around Europe. It will be called Norse Atlantic Airlines, and will be there to fill the gap that Norwegian has left.

The new carrier is hoping to acquire 12 Boeing 787 aircraft for long haul operations.

They plan to launch operations in December of 2021. Below you can find a possible route map, from the DJ’s Aviation video:

It seems like a bad time to launch an airline, so I guess we will have to wait and see what becomes of this.

I can’t find all too much info on this startup at the moment, but when I get more I will be sure to update this thread. Here is the source of my info:

New Airline Being Launched - YouTube

What are your thoughts on this?

UPDATE March 29, 2021

Thanks to @Ishrion for the update and post :)

They also have a website, which can be visited here: Norse Atlantic Airways (


Interesting to see that they are operating out of EGLL instead of EGKK. Looking forward to this airlines future.


Definetly gonna be cool to see how they go! I wish them the best of luck!

Might wanna change that ;)

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Apparently some of Norwegian’s Transatlantic routes weren’t unsuccessful before Covid hit, so there might be a (slight) chance of success against all odds.
It will be extremely important to have a stable financial base and a profit oriented operation though for them to be able to succeed in my opinion. Thanks for breaking the news!

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Ah yes, let’s operate a very similar business model that failed last time. Fantastic idea!


I don’t think this is going to work out well in the likes of British Airways, American, United and Delta and along with the very competitive LHR-JFK route.

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I hope they open a route to KORD

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Interesting… 🤔😬

wait. WOT, how… Kamryn, explain…

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Wow Kamryn, never knew you loved Chicago!

Thoughts: This airline is not going to survive a year in the aviation industry. It could also thrive with people traveling for the holidays, and be helpful for people trying to get home easily from Europe.

My hope for this airline is for it to become a thriving airline in Europe, flying low-cost to select Asia Destinations, and a lot of North American destinations. This airline will also have the potential to be a rival to the main airline flying across the Atlantic.

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Let’s see. If the demand is there, I’m willing to see how they do. However, if people are still cautious to fly internationally due to the pandemic, and most LCC flyers being vacationers, starting in the winter might be tough. But best of luck to them!

It’s Norse Atlantic Airways :-)

They have signed a leasing agreement for 9 787s already and get a 50% price reduction.


  • Low price on aircraft lease
  • People get vaccinated and can travel again
  • RR engines on 787s are fixed (RR say)
  • Fresh start, no billions in debt
  • Use existing seating config on NAX 787s, no expensive rebuild.


  • Competition
  • Low margins
  • Fuel price?
  • Issues with RR engines
  • They still need to get money from investors.

Norse Atlantic want a codeshare/feeder agreement with Norwegian, Easy Jet and Jetblue.


This feels similiar to the return of WOW and Jet Airways

They won’t have a chance with the LHR-JFK route but maybe to EWR or PHL, but ORD would be tough too.

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The callsign will probably be NAA which sounds like:
Norwegian Aviation Administration, which I don’t think exist but something similar exist, and my thoughts are

Why? Is the Norwegian government desperate or

Norwegian government? They have nothing to do with Norse Atlantic. (Or is it a joke?)

Norwegian Aviation Administration is called Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Norse Atlantic and AerCap have signed an agreement.

AerCap will lease six 787-9s and three 787-8s to Norse. All aircraft are second-hand. Deliveries begin this year.

Things are moving along fast.


Sweet! I added it to the main post if you are okay with that :)

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