Normal Phone Flight Control Tilt not Working

Hey there IFC, I’ve finished testing my new Logitech X3DPro and I switch back to the default phone tilt version, Roll works but Pitch won’t move at all, Any ideas?


What have you done and what device are you using

Just try restarting IF. It works in most problems.

I’m using iPhone 6

I’ll see if I can

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Pitch is still a bit dodgy

Then try restarting your device.

Ok, Fully restart it?

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Go to Setting -> Controls, and handle it from there. I suggest resetting it from there. You should reset your controls.

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Yes. Try restarting your whole device.

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I’m in controls and I have pressed Restore Defaults and the Pitch won’t work

Ok I’ll see

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Could you send us a screenshot of your pitch and control settings?


Yep One moment



I have disconnected LiveFlight Connect and i have turned off my laptop, I’m gonna restart my phone and see what happens

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My cousin always told me that restarting things always work lol, Cheers for the help, Now I can fly out of Atlanta without taxiing to the holding point then telling ATC that I need to return to the gate because of flight control issues, Thanks

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Glad to help! Enjoy the skies. ;)

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Have fun out there. See you in the skies 🛫