Normal outside view vs wing view resolution

In wing view or tail view scenery ground resolution looks a lot better than in normal outside view , when I’m in the outside locked view , resolution looks more like 60 meter than 15 meter , why is that ?

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Hello and welcome to the community I hope you enjoy it here,

When your on the ground the scenery doesn’t look as good as it does up high. The full resolution of the ground scenery can be seen once above a certain height.

What are your resolution settings at? Because if they are low it gets pretty bad in the normal view

My res changes too when I go from, say wing view or any other view to scenic cam. Is this what you’re referring to?

Yes , my settings are on high , It just looks way better on wing view or tail view .

Any how , I’m really enjoying this sim , the quality and number of aircraft are amazing , and with global I’m sure things will only get better . Thanks for the welcome .

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