Normal Day as ATC in KLAX, "training" server

I recorded one sesion I had as tower in KLAX and just wanted to show the completely mess there is in this airport, people requesting to takeoff and landing from the oposite landing, LUAW without clearance, people staying in the pattern and not having any respect to my commands, asking to take off when there is 5 planes in front, A350 doing aerobatic flight in the taxiway…

I am well aware I made tons of mistakes but giving the situation I think is understandable. If you have free time and a lot of patience I would appreciate watching a couple of minutes of the video and giving me some tips about how to control the situation next time!

I know is probably the worst airport to learn something for ATC but I’m not gonna lie, when the people follow the instructions and everything goes as planned is really stasifactory and maybe is why I keep doing that, hopefully one day I can go the the expert server with people that at least is willing to follow the rules.

Note: I recorded the video with the mic on and it has some weird noises so sorry about that, if is too anoying you can just turn off the sound.

Remarkable points in the video:

8:20 - The C30J just going through everyone to be first in line, doesn’t even contact tower and crosses rwy 25R (I guess maybe with the clearance of ground (I hope)) but then takeoffs from 25Lwithout any clearance.

13:40 - A B772 gets bored of waiting and decides to cross the taxiway because why not

Around minute 18 people starts requesting rwy 7 even tho the flow is in 25 just because, I guess, rwy 7 has color orange and 25 is in red (But the winds didn’t justify a rwy change at that moment and I don’t it could have been possible with so much traffic)

20:45 - Ukraine Intl. doing an air show meanwhile a lufthansa is on final rwy 7 and a MD11 is trying to take off from rwy 7. Just some moments after that the same Ukranian flight is about to land in the taxiway.

Apart from that a lot of people actually follow my instructions even tho probably half of the commands I did that day were not even correct

Video: - YouTube


Totally understandable. The training server is a place where people explore, and do everything but follow the rules. That’s why I only fly on the expert server. Rules are enforced by ATC reports and pilots are much more well-behaved.

From what you’re saying, I believe you want a more serious experience. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I highly suggest you apply for IFATC. It’s the group that controls the expert server. Apart from the amazing community, you’ll learn a ton about controlling, and our IFATC Trainers will help you get there from any point in the process–from learning nothing to having basic knowledge, it doesn’t matter

If you’re interested in applying, I recommend you check out this topic: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Yeah… I know what you mean



Unfortunately, TS is supposed to be a “learning” enviroment, no there’s no much you can do. So relatable tho LMAO.

I’ll give you a tip to avoid this in the future. 5 words:

Get out of the hubs.

TS literally gets feed by unprofessionalism and trolls on major/popular hubs. So if you avoid these airports like LAX, JFK, LHR, etc, there will be higher chances to avoid that.

Adding of what @NightHawk mentioned tho, you can create a tracking thread, so you can train smoothy and control better. I’ll leave a tutorial by one of the IFC regulars below:

Stay safe!


Already did! still in the proccess, about to take the written test in a couple of days again…


Thanks! Yeah I did apply already and still waiting to take my second written test, and in the meanwhile I guess the only option I have is to practice in this server.

I did already a couple of tracking thread and I really liked the experience, a lot of preffesionalism with the pilots that actually follow the rules but sometimes it feels nice to go to bigger airports and instead only controlling 4 planes you start controlling 15, just a different experience I guess.

Thanks for your answer, see you around!


Better 5 listening to commands than 15 doing everything they wants 😂😉

(I use to open big airports too sometimes, I understand what you mean)

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I was controlling KLAX today, along with almost everyday I do. It’s on Training Server, so keep on mind they are just leaving Casual Server. Busy airports are not the best airports to control, if you are looking for a professional experience, small, and not busy ones would be good.

You should apply for IFATC! Before you do, create an ATC tracking thread, and IFATC may pass by and give you some feedback to help to improve! I’m planning on applying soon once I get the hand of controlling, so hopefully I’d see you there!

And yes, I do have the same issues at KLAX all the time. Many trolls etc, one thing I don’t really like is when I say line up and wait they think it means stay by the runway and line up to enter lol. Anyways hope this helps :)

Edit: Oh hey @J-F_V I was controlling you earlier too, you were doing pattern work :)

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@skye Where that?

KLAX, with Bullet 99 as your callsign :)

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Hope I listened to you well 😂😉

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Yes, you did lol

Easy when the commands make sense 😂

The other side of the post is true… sometimes as a pilot I get “big airports ATC” making no sense 😂

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@Yembolit19 @J-F_V if you both are looking to join IFATC, let’s open some airports together, one of us open ground, another one Tower, and another one approach and departure at the same airport! This would be cool!

Just not at a too busy airport though lol.


I’ll land @ KLAX and I’m in

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Oooops, I think I just created a topic, lol.

Being on the expert server is a bit better but there are still people who act like they are in the casual server even while atc is present and atc is like👨‍🦯

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Hey men I would love that, maybe tomorrow I have some time and we can do that

Here’s one of my best…

Being called by the ground while on approach @ 11000

Ground 101… If the plane is airborne, it’s not yours 😉😂

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Hahhhahaah, not even in the airspace for tower… You should contact them and ask for pushback let’s see what they say

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