Normal camera mode issues

I was flying for KIND to KORD, and when I was moving and looking around my plane on normal (not locked), it just like seizured to one view. This happened to me a couple mites. It’s kind of weird.

Also one of the engine view on the 757 has a viewed noise. It cuts on and off (sound).

I know there are issues at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know.

Thank you

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If you could get a video of the mentioned issues, it would be a massive help! Thank you :)


I will try. Thank you

I’ll work on it tomorrow morning

Of course! The screen recorder doesn’t work! Great.

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This might not be it, but is it something like this (the bottom view, first part only)


Not quite. What do you use to record your screen? @Boeing747-8

I’m using the IOS 11 screen recorder

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