Normal cam view not moving

I am doing a flight and the normal cam view on the B772 isn’t moving I can only zoom in and out but cannot look around

I’ve has this issue before. Switching between camera views and attempting to move the camera usually unlocks it after a while. Is it doing it on the locked one as well?

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No it’s not

Hello! try to do the same thing again by checking that only one finger touch the screen, if there are two or three fingers the screen does not go right to left but only zoom in or zoom out

Maybe tell us what happens after the flight?

Tried everything nothing is working

I am flying a long haul

Just keep playing with the cameras and trying to move it around. I know this issue sucks but that should unlock it if you keep doing that.

I have went to all the different camera views

It worked thanks

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Mods you may close this topic

Glad I was able to assist. Enjoy the rest of your flight!

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Thanks for the help

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