Norfolk to Newark (Reopened)

Com join us for the group flight from Norfolk to newark!!


This flight will be taken place early in the morning,Probably around 7-8AM EST

Planes and Gates
B16:Breeze airways[E190]:
B18:Breeze airways[BCS3]:@Proswitchgaming30
B20:United airlines[A320]:
B30/B30A:United airlines[E175]:
B29A:United airlines[737]:
B28:United airlines[738 evo blue]:
B25A:United airlines[739]:
These are all going to EWR to
Cargo gates


  • I’m going
  • No, In not going
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We need people

It’s in 10 days and you’re cancelling after 25 minutes because you don’t have participants?


I will take b18

Yeah, i might have plans so i might have to change it actually…

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Thanks!, Signed ul

If you want me to cancel i can

I didn’t say I wanted you to cancel, in fact I pretty much said the exact opposite.

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Ok, I’m so sorry to bother

i’de also like to reserve a spot for @AndrewWu for helping me and giving some advice

No need to sign up people who didn’t ask for a slot

??, Wdym. I can fix anything if i need to?

I appreciate the gesture but I can’t make it.

Ok!, no worries.

Also, I’m trying to do a little more flyouts so @Butter575, Let me know if i need to fix anything :)

You might want to add the “create event” feature so that your event will be displayed on the event calendar and can be easier for everyone to see the time of this event

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Ok thanks!, I could not figure how to get this “create event”. Thanks for help

Sorry,how do you do the create event, kinda new with this stuff

Go here and then fill in the time, date etc.


Ok, Thank you very much!