Norfolk Island Airlines to begin flights to NZ

Norfolk Island Airlines will begin flights from Norfolk Island to Auckland in June after Air New Zealand withdraws its service of the same route in May. Norfolk Island, 1,673km east of Sydney and 1,074km northwest of Auckland currently only has direct flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland (all operated by Air NZ), after May 21 it will loose Auckland due to Air NZ getting rid of the route. In the period between when Air NZ end their flights and when Norfolk Island Airlines it will take a painful 8 hours and 29 minutes to get between the two cities, a trip that takes not even 2 hours directly. However, only a month of pain is on the cards for the island’s residents when Norfolk Island Airlines takes off in it’s leased 17 years old 737-300 (VH-XNU). The airline will service the island in a once weekly return Auckland-Norfolk Island-Brisbane route

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Cool - although I probably will stick to qantas - honestly I think they should upgrade to the 738


Wow, that livery looks amazing!

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I saw that plane parked at Darwin

Amazing livery… And as @GordenW said… even I saw it in Darwin!

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The livery look very incredible !

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