Norfolk - Baltimore

I was flying to Baltimore from Norfolk and figured I’d take a few pictures along the way of the beautiful and mighty Chesapeake Bay, the worlds largest bay.

Southwest 737-800/ training server/ March 22,2018


I thought they grounded these aircrafts? I’m JK!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Awesome pictures. I love flying over the Chesapeake.

Norfolk is one of my favorite airports. :)
Of course, Richmond has to be #1. ;)

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Thank you for flying to BWI, my home airport. I have flown this route before and It’s like the flights over before it even lifts off the ground it so short. But I love short flights

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I hope not! I love the 800

I’d only like those flights if I was the pilot

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I do like Richmond but I have a better relationship with Norfolk just because I’ve been flying there for like my entire life. It sucks though because southwest only operates direct flights from Richmond to Atlanta but not from Norfolk so it’s either an hour drive or fly delta.


I’m in the same boat as you.

Norfolk has all seasons routes to Orlando with Southwest, but at Richmond, Southwest only operates direct routes to Orlando during March to about May or June. I usually go to Orlando in August, so, we either go to Norfolk, or we connect at Atlanta.

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I also wish that Southwest would expand out of KRIC, it’s closer to me than KORF, and since I have family there it wouldn’t bother me to Flyout of KRIC instead of the usual DCA,IAD,BWI. Seems like it could be profitable considering they have twice daily flights to Atlanta.

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Yep! Couldn’t agree more.

We’re also expanding Concourse A, so hopefully that’ll help airlines expand.

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You are very correct! I say we do a fly out or something to another destination out of Richmond

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@Niccckk has an event at KRIC tomorrow actually,

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Man I wish I could attend but I got a speed violation so now I’m bumped back down to 2

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Are you sure Chesapeake is the worlds largest?? How about the Hudson Bay?

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I wanted to mention something about that :)

The worlds largest bay is the Bay of Bengal, not the Chesapeake, so he is incorrect there

The 737-800NG was never grounded. I believe you are referring to the 737-8MAX, which we don’t have is IF yet.

He said he was joking

I know he was joking. I was just informing him as many people can’t tell the differences between a 737 w/ split scimitars and a 737MAX.