Nordwind B772-ER UUEE - URFF

Today, i flew from UUEE - URFF. UUEE is Moscow airport named as Sheremetyevo(SVO), so it’s common flight for Nordwind Tourists.
Arrival is Simferopol airport based in Crimea.

Aircraft: B777-200ER
Livery: Nordwind
Departure: UUEE (SVO)
Arrival: URFF
Flight time: 3 hours
Server: Training

Parked at gate with AFL B77W (Arrival is KJFK (New York))

Pushback and Startup

Aeroflot B77W is taking off with massive tailstrike and MTOW :D

Aligning runway 24L, cabin crew prepare for takeoff!!

A good rotate at 165 knot’s

At Cruise Altitude

Spotter’s camera shot.

Successful landing at 01 URFF with -512 fp/m

Parked at gate

A report status from flight. App’s name is InFlight Operations. A good app!

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Hey there, beautiful photos although it is over the limit. The limit is 10 photos for topics in the #screenshots-and-videos category :)

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i’m sorry, so i know this now thx!

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Oh that must have been an hard landing!! Amazing photos nonetheless, keep it up 👍