Nordwind Airlines

Hello everyone!
i’ve never really heard of nordwind airlines before but the livery looks great!
does anyone know what routes they do in their 777-200 ER i’d love to give it a go :)

if you could tell me down below it would mean a lot :D

Hey! Some of their routes are included below in this topic.

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just search on fr24. Nordwind is a russian airline IIRC

Ah Nordwind Airlines… my fav livery and airline on the 772 in IF now 😍

Nordwind Airlines mostly flies to holiday destinations from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (UUEE) as it is a leisure airline.

Most of its routes from Moscow are to Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Thailand and Vietnam

Try doing UUEE - MUVR (Flight no. N4 353) coz I did that one last night and it’s definitely an interesting one as not many people fly to Cuba 👌

I don’t really think of it as leisurely, because they have a 100% economy 772 with 440 seats. That is one less than capacity. I think of them more as a budget airline that flies to where the Russian population loves to travel to.

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Yeah you’re definitely right then I didn’t know they had 440 seats wow

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