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When watching the infinite flight multiplayer YouTube channel, almost all videos use the callsign of Nordwind Airlines xxxx. Is there a reason why Nordwind Airlines as almost always the callsign or have I just not watched enough videos?

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I’m not sure but I think that might of been before maybe idk

Was it a recent vid ?

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It’s a custom callsign he has that’s just “Norwind Airlines”. There no way to receive custom callsigns since it was abused in the early days of Infinte Flight!

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I believe the callsign belongs to @Artem_Krause, one of the many Infinite Flight YouTubers.

The reason his callsign is “Nordwind Airlines” is because it’s an older custom callsign, and cannot be obtained anymore due to past abuse of the system.


So to clarify, (correct me if I’m wrong) Infinite flight used to have a custom callsign option and it was abused. Nordwind Airlines callsign was used by the linked name above and he just hasn’t changed his callsign where everyone else who used a custom callsign has changed their callsign over time?

The people with the custom callsigns you see today in IF were grandfathered in when the system changed. Some have lost it over time, though, so other people do have them, more than just him.

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The Nordwind Airlines callsign is in game, just as Nordland like they use IRL.

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