Nordwind Airlines callsign

How did this guy/girl ( get his callsign on Infinite Flight, it’s not in the game and he has no numbers after Nordwind Airlines. How come?

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He has kept it from when you could create callsigns that were read out normally (e.g Santa was read out as “Santa” rather than “Sierra Alpha November Tango Alpha”) - this feature was removed because people were abusing it


I understand how people would abuse this feature, are there other people in the community that have these types of callsign to date?


Yes some staff and mods still have this feature

That’s a cool feature, wish I was there before it got removed.


There are many pilots who have been around for a long time who have never changed their callsign from the times when you were able to have such.

Additionally staff and moderators have no restriction. It comes in handy sometimes if we need to get a controller’s attention for some reason.

The ability to say words comes with in some inherit risk. There is no way to code for every possibility of abuse so it was removed.