Nordwind Airlines Boeing 737-800

Hey everyone!

Recently, being a bit of a Russian aviation fan, I’ve been thinking of Nordwind Airlines and I wondered why it never was in Infinite Flight and isn’t now. I’ve searched for a Feature request and found nothing for the 737 despite it being the most abundant aircraft in their fleet, of which they have 10. Nordwind is a large domestic airline based in Russia and is a major operator in Moscow’s large “Sheremetyevo Airport”. I personally believe this airline and livery is underrated.


I’d love to see this in the sky!

About Nordwind Airlines:

About the Boeing 737NG:

Do you think this belongs in Infinite Flight?

Now that’s a very cool livery!

Edit: Just voted, that’s a really cool livery.

  1. Is it a good livery, yes
  2. Do I have votes available, yes
  3. When’s the last time I flew in Russia, September 14th

So for that reason, I’m out

Sorry, just not worth it for me, I would like to see it in IF, but it’s not worth a vote


Bumping this beauty. Let’s hop onto the nordwind hype train!

We’ve got a confirmed Nordwind 777, why not give their short-haul fleet some attention? 😏

Well I mean we’re getting new united livery on 737-800, so why not also have this one?

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Exactly. Just United’s new livery would be mildly disappointing.

I would like the livery but I would never use it unless there is an event.

Well i know i would 😀

Do do do… Another bump.

I’d fly in Russia much more if we get this. Right now, the aircraft are lacking :^)


The Nordwind network out of Sochi is extremely seggsy!!!

Bumping this topic


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We really need another Nordwind Airlines livery looks great!!

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