NordStar Boeing 737-800

I think this is an amazing aircraft ans should be in IF

Original photographer/ filmer here:

These things always go further when you vote for you own buddy! Unfortunately out of votes, but would love to see it!

just voted for it. forgot about voting lol

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Looks a lot like Arik Air to me.

I wouldn’t mind it - I have the 738, so if the 738 got a rework, it would be cool to have

Recently been flying some NordStar routes in the generic livery as we don’t have one sadly. Their routes are incredibly unique such as Norilsk - Sochi. This airline is headquartered in Norilsk, a city that is extremely far north in remote Russia which I just find very fascinating and fun to fly to! Hoping to see this get noticed


No nEeD MoRe aMuRiCa


Today I flew Norilsk - Yekaterinburg - Rostov - Cairo (UOOO - USSS - URRP - HECA) which is a multi leg NordStar route and it was a really fun impression flying from the cold far north of Siberia down to warm Egypt
But it would be even more fun if we had the actual livery (also pls add the callsign!)
This airline does a few multileg routes like this as well as a few other routes to major cities all around Russia, mostly from Norilsk as they’re headquartered there