NORDO everytime I contact approach

For the last couple weeks I’ve been losing Communications every time I contact an approach controller in an active ATC Airport this is negatively impacting my flying experience and I’d like help solving this issue. It only happens when I contact the approach as soon as I do all airplanes within the airport become unknown and I can hear the approach and all instructions but cannot communicate back to them nor is mine or doe call sign recognized I know this because they read back my actual call sign even after I change it it just happened about 1 minute ago Charles airport in France.

Device: Galaxy s7
RAM Available: 2.3gb
Storage: 27GB

I never exit the app nor do I ever have any interruptions, I out the device on Game Mode. It has only been happening recently.

Please please please help me!

Do you have a strong connection to the internet? I’ve had the same issue before, usually releated with connection issues.

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Yes. I use unlimited 4glte and have never had any issues until recently.

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Could you possibly try a WiFi connection?

I dont have wifi unfortunately. .

Hmm. Sometimes cellular data isn’t as stable as a WiFi connection. Does this happen every time you contact approach, at least in the last few weeks as you mentioned?


Everytime I contact approach it happens. Ground or tower and it works fine. Just approach.

And how many times in total has it happened? I apologize for the questions. Just trying to get as much info as possible.

Everytime I have attempted, I cant say but I know it was more then a few.

@TheInitialVirus thanks for your help, I just feel like this may be a small bug that’s been overlooked

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I’ve seen a few reports about this and it mostly seems to be on cellular. Problem is that every service provider have their own, unique configuration making it near impossible to figure out the root cause of this. Fixing it for one might cause additional problems for others… but I’ll try to reproduce it and see what comes up, if anything comes up that is.

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Thank you very much. Also an intresting note is that I have metropcs service and they were just recently purchased by TMobile, we upgraded service and I can almost guarantee that as soon as that happened is when the issues started happening. specifically the one mention in my OP.

For now, I’ll fly unicom and I have absolutely no problem doing this as there are so many airports, I’ll fly unicom :).

If I want ATC (which is rare) I’ll fly from approach to an airport that just has tower and ground (the problem only occurs when I have to contact approach on inbound). Instead of the other way around.