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Hello, I saw on a Topic that in the case of a ATC malfunction, (it happened to me today and I changed the numbers of my callsign to AirFrance 7600 but I’m sure it isn’t the right way) I could enter the NORDO callsign but I didn’t figure out how to chose a fully custom callsign. Could anyone help me please?

In the 20.3 update, fully customized callsign option was removed. Now you can only make your callsign with the available prefixes

That’s all I know

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Ok great thanks, then how to tell the controller that you have no radio? Because I would be very annoyed if the controller ghosts me after a long flight.

Hmm the only solution that comes to my mind is sending a PM to the controller so he’s aware of your situation. It might take too long but I don’t think what else you could do.

If you still wanna try the NORDO option, you could make your callsign with the N prefix (US), and then ORDO

But I couldn’t see who the controller was, and that’s my issue partially

Tried and unfortunately I was unable I could only use numbers

Most controllers don’t check IFC messages while controlling, so this probably won’t work.

The NORDO callsign used to be a workaround that isn’t possible anymore due to the new country-based callsign system.

What sort of radio issues were you having?


Well, if you’ve already left the flight I don’t see why you should worry anymore lol

If you still have the problem then idk what you can do, sorry

My issue was that the controller was sending guard messages, however, I had no possibilities to contact him/her, I tried opening the airport page, the ATC page but I couldn’t see who was talking to me

What server were you on?

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EXPERT Server approaching Munich

In these situations it’s most helpful to see a replay, are you able to share yours?

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The format is wrong, how do I tranform it into another format?

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I think that’s it

That’s it. It looks like the controller had a different list of frequencies.

In this case it’s probably best to divert and send a message to the controller after your flight letting them know you had trouble contacting them. Of course you can also contact appeals if needed :)


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