Nordica Bombardier CRJ-900


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Nordica is the flag carrier of Estonia, with its hub at Tallinn Airport. Nordica is a member of Star Alliance, and was founded in 2015 after the bankruptcy of Estonian Air. Nordica has a fleet size of 15 aircraft and has recently partnered with LOT Polish Airlines. Serving almost 20 destinations, Nordica typically operates under flight codes, and callsigns of LOT.

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In my opinion, this is a stunning design and very striking with the gradient blue and white. This livery would make a great addition once the Devs start the rework of the CRJ aircraft. I would love to hear the community’s thoughts. Do you like it, why or why not? Be sure to leave a comment below :)


Beautiful! The only livery (imo) that actually makes the crj look good


This livery is beautiful but I think we need a features request for the CRJ900 aircraft in general. If the aircraft is added then there might be a chance of this livery coming with it.


The CRJ is Confirmed. There is no need for that feature request


Ok good! Cause I really wanna fly the CRJ900 in the UA livery (I think UA has them)


What a beautiful livery in the CRJ!!


United only has CRJ 200s and CRJ 700s


They all look the same to me for some reason


My favorite main livery by far! Voted.


Got what appears to be the 700 but not the 900 so far :)


Really looking forward to it😍


I Love Crj-900 Lot-Nordica


I belive there was a photo of the on the IF insta!


Pretty awesome to see this livery has been added on the -700. Would be cool to see this on the -900 as well :)


We’ve seen images of this livery on the -700 version, maybe we could also see this come on the -900 with the update? Would be nice.


I saw this plane on Oslo Gardermoen, when I landed. Really nice aircraft and really nice livery!


Bump. Have to clear up an vote for this it’s an truly beauty plus it flys daily routes between Oslo Gardermoen to Tallinn.