Norcal Approach & Departure

When I flew @ KRNO a couple of weeks ago, heading to KCIC, KRNO Tower handed me off to Norcal Approach, but on IF Norcal Approach isn’t reachable until around KSAC. Would it be possible to change it so that Norcal Approach/Departure can be contacted by pilots?

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Radar’s airspace only extends 50nm so that would not be possible.


Okay, just wondering 👍🏻

And I’m not sure how KRNO handed you off to NorCal, that is sort of strange.

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It could’ve been because the users destination was set to the airport with the Approach frequency, the controller could directly hand him off to the air frequencies at that airport.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like the OP is referring to an IRL flight when he went from Reno to NorCal. :)


@Ecoops123 hit it right on the nose.

Forwarded email

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You are correct @TaipeiGuru

Forwarded email

We are referring to Infinite Flight procedures that differ from real world procedures in some areas, they can be more simplified in specific cases.

No worries 😉 I completely understand and completely agree with you @Trio. As great as IF is and as much as I enjoy 98.253% of my time on it (minus the 1.747% of players who are inconsiderate flyers), it is a simulator and does a great job it.

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