NorAviator97 / First flight Airbus A220-300 / LSZH-EGLL

Good day aviators!

Update 21.8 is finally out, with the brand new Airbus A220.
I have been very busy the last few days, and have not had the time to fly it.
Today I finally had the time to take it out for a ride, and decided to fly shorthaul from Zurich (LSZH) to London (EGLL). Here is some screenshots taken from the flight. Hope you enjoy.

Date: December 15, 2021
Server: Training server
Aircraft: Swiss (Airbus A220-200 - HB-JCU)
Flight: SWISS 316 / LSZH - EGLL

  1. Parked at Gate 64 getting ready for departure. Boarding passengers & loading cargo.

  1. Taxiing to runway 34 at Zurich (LSZH)

  1. Taking off from runway 34, Zurich

  1. Flying out from Zurich, climbing to FL360, 36000ft.

  1. Crusing at FL360, 36000ft over France

  1. Landing at runway 27R at London, Heathrow (EGLL)

  1. Taxiing to the gate. SQ B777-300ER taking off from runway 27L.

  1. Parked at the gate, Terminal 2

Thanks for watching!
Stay safe & happy landing! ✈️


The first pic omg 😍
Which gate is it again ?

@SuisseVirtual 👀


These all look so real! :O

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Thank you! 😀

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