NorAviator97 / Etihad Cargo B77F / EDDF-OMAA

NSV 2nd anniversary EDDF flyout event. Few screenshots I took on my flight to Abu Dhabi. Hope you enjoy. ✈️

Date: 28 November 2020
Server: Expert
Time: 6 hours
Aircraft: B777-200F / Etihad Cargo

  1. Getting ready for departure at gate S602 at Frankfurt EDDF

  1. Lufthansa Cargo B77F lining up on runway 07C

  1. Cleared for takeoff runway 07R, @Capt.SkyWalker flying the A380

  1. Takeoff

  1. Wingman @Capt.SkyWalker

  1. Cruising at 31000ft

  1. Decending

  1. Turning left for final runway 13R at Abu Dhabi OMAA

  1. Wonderful sunset

  1. Braking

Thanks for watching & happy landings ✈️


Damn those editing skills are fire!

I really liked this picture.


Thanks man! 😄

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Wow!! Nice photos.

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WOW! really nice screenshots!!

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Thanks guys! 😄 @Fung_Sum-sum @Ubaid1

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Wow! Stunning pictures mate 😍😍

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Thanks mate! 😊

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Insane pictures dude. Well deserved “like” :)

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Thank you man! 😄

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@NorAviator97 Your the best buddy :-) See you in the skies again :-)

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Wow, absolutley stunning! I love the editing! Photo #6 is my favourite by far!

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Thank you! 😄

Dang, these are all very nice! Love the editing!

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This one is the best!

Good shots

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Thank you guys! 😊 @KSS & @Rolls

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