NoorMuhammad’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @ N/A

The minimum visibility required for accepting pattern work is 3SM (Statute Miles) which translates to approximately 5 kilometres.


DHL 4XP here… nothing more to add then what’s already been said - a few sequencing issues (you cleared traffic behind me as #1 even though I was on final, they should have been cleared as #2, etc…) and that “adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead” when there was no aircraft ahead of me - that really had me scratching my head at what speed to go… haha no worries, again nothing that’s already been said…

all in all it was a decent session… you got me twice when I tried to report position after I was already cleared to land which is awesome, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves when people do that after clearance has been given… so great job and keep up the practice and great work!!

Also… #sandstorm ;)

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Thanks for being apart mate, looking forward to have you in my next session!

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No worries my friend, I’m an aspiring controller myself and I think the first step is helping others out with these type of sessions!

So kudos to you for taking that leap and maybe one day you’ll be helping me in one of my tracking threads… until then, have a good night and see you in the skies!

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Good night Friend!

Details updated for today’s session, I hope you guys will join up🙂

I just got done controlling for 2 hours and going to bed cause i have work tomorrow

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Alright! See you next time mate👍

still open ?

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Just opening

LTFM G/T is Open TS

I will pm you with feedback soon !

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Sure mate!

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