NoorMuhammad’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @ N/A

  Hello Pilots, Welcome to my ATC Thread!




Frequency in use




Will Be Opening at —/—Am/Pm


Amazing!! 👏🏼

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Thank you!

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You still open

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Will be opening in 30 min

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Sounds good

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Great, see you there!

See you there! (I’ll be the big yellow bird flapping his wings) ;)

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Roger, Captain!

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Tower and Ground is open Now!

Were you looking for feedback as well

Yes, it would be great for me to improve!

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I had come by with the callsign VT-JEL. I’ve listed a few points as feedback.

  • Technically, patterns should not be allowed here at this time due to poor visibility. 3SM or greater is an acceptable range of visibility for allowing pattern work.

  • Enter right downwind 25R would have been a better pattern entry when i called in. Making aircrafts cross the upwind leg can cause conflicts with departures.

  • DHL 4XP had a shorter turn radius from upwind to downwind. In this case, i’d recommend keeping me on slowest practical speed (which was issued earlier) instead of issuing a best forward speed command.

  • DHL 4XP was technically ahead of me when asked to adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead.

  • DHL 4XP and i were a bit too close to each other on downwind, causing DHL 4XP to remain at a higher altitude. Issuing a right 360 to me would have been helpful in this case.

  • You did a good job in recognizing the conflict on base and instructing me to extend downwind, just my base turn could have been earlier.

Hope this was helpful, please feel free to ask any questions.


Ok i have a few issues hince why i left the session

  • Great pattern entry/ transition altitude

  • sequencing needs to be worked on

  • i was sequenced #2 but you gave me an extend downwind call which was a great call but you forgot about me and sequenced N495W #1 and cleared him for the option.

    I would recommend getting like 4 people and practice your sequencing as it wasn’t terrible but it needs improvement.
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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be practicing more in order to improve. I’m doing controlling of these random instructions for the first time which lead me to confusion of what to do and to whom sequence first. I hope you all will be joining in my next session :)

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I really appreciate your feedback mate, and I’m looking forward to do more ATC session to improve.

All good and like @Jet_Airways_995 said with the vis being so low pattern work usually would be accepted

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Hello I was XT-MIA

Sequences- Remember when multiple aircraft are using a runway for pattern work, you must use sequences AND a clearance. You mostly only cleared for the option which made multiple conflicts when myself and the 77W were switching runways.

Upwind/ Downwind issue- I’m not sure but it seems you were confused what upwind and downwind were.

Speed Adjustments- Again when you sequence a plane it is the pilot’s responsibility to follow the aircraft ahead if the pattern. No need to issue speed adjustment messages

Visibility- the weather conditions weren’t good for pattern work so I would suggest an alternate airport.

Clearances- When a aircraft calls fullstop, a roger command is needed. No need to clear me to land too.Also one of my landing clearances was really late. Aim to clear around crosswind/early downwind.

Exit Command- tad bit late but im not too picky because I understand.

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Noted it. So no pattern work with less then 3km vis

I believe IFATC states with vis 4nm or less no pattern work os to be accepted