Nooby question!

Apologies for the newbie question. But in live, when on the map what does the black box with numbers above other flights mean? I.e “-100”

It’s always something I’ve wondered



Not a noob question at all. The number represents how much higher or lower another aircraft is in correlation to your current altitude. If it says +10, it means that the aircraft is 1000ft above you, and vice versa.


That’s the difference between their altitude and your one. Like when you’re flying at FL240 and the another guy at FL140 it says -100.

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Nope it’s actually different one sure I would show screenshots to prove but it’s 00:00. Can anyone else show?? It’s like -320 = -3200FT

No, it’s right I think. -320 means 32000ft below you.


YEp now we’ve all given a different answer this one is right ^^^^

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I didn’t know that either haha. Good question that I never thought to ask!

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Ahhhhh! This all now makes sense! Thanks, it’s been bugging me for a while!

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