Hello there. I was planespotting at EGKK ( Expert server), and I saw something unbelievable. Lots of Grade 3 users came to EGKK and started to taxi without permission. Thus, one of them even took off from the taxiway! ( I’ve will not say that his username is Mohammed Shoeb). These days, I can see lots of TS noobs in Expert server. I think that Expert server is not Expert server anymore.


Well… this happens. It is very hard to prevent it. We have some people (mostly mods and regulars) who have permission to ghost users when they are not controlling but flying.

They will receive violations as they are taxiing faster than 35kts. Was ATC active at EGKK at this time?

I guess it was active.

It is not a Support topic. Please us the right category for such posts, Live is more suiable

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Thanks for the report. Despite restrictions, there will always be a small few who try to ruin it for the rest. We have ways of managing this internally, but nothing can be 100%.