Noob- set waypoint to runway number

(I play solo)Hi, I just started to learn how to use waypoints to make a FP. Anyways is there a way to set a waypoint to the runway number? It would help me a lot.


This category should help you:
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There isn’t currently a way to do that in the sim, nor is there a way to do that in real life. To plan out your approaches, I’d recommend using STAR charts. Welcome to the community as well :)


Not all airports have a waypoint at the start or on the runway.

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First of all: Welcome! Glad to have you aboard. :)

Not necessarily. There are waypoints, however, at the edge of each runway end (I believe these are waypoints for the localizer). They are usually named as: Rxxxx (“x” being a number). Not all runways have these though so keep that in mind.


You can but not at all airports unfortunately. Below is a screenshot. I’ve circled two waypoints that are located at the runway threshold. This airport happens to be at Honolulu International Airport. You’ll see that not all of the runways at this airport have these waypoints. It does make it nice to get a flight plan straight to the runway. Hope this helps. 😉


Ohh ok never noticed those Rxxx things, I only want to make a way point because I like some runways but I’m on the other side of the airport, I don’t need it for taxiing but I like when my FP is straight and it’s easier for me to fly.

At leased someone who answered knew what they where talking a about 🙄