Noob Questions

Yes you can.

Have a look here.

It’s listed in the topic I provided above.

If your flying into a airport with active ATC. I recommend to. If your not, you don’t have to.

I use FpltoIF.

I put it to +2000.

You can set it to your cruising altitude.

Depending on what aircraft you use. It’s usually in the aircraft cockpit. Here’s for all of the aircraft. This topic is a bit old. But it still is useful.

For downwind it should be the opposite runway’s heading, and for straight in, it would normally be the runway your landing on heading. Or you can use the ILS which can be found if you tap on the airport’s icon on the map, and then go to where it says “RWYS” and then select the runway your landing on. Sometimes the runway your landing on doesn’t have a ILS, so you probably will have to fly a visual approach or a GPS approach.

You would request ILS.

Yes, the nautical miles is from your destination airport. To answer your other question, I don’t know if you can, you’ll have to ask someone that uses SimBrief. If you use a STAR that has altitudes for decend, you can activate VNAV which will automatically descend for you. And, always arm VNAV with 1 minute to your top of decend.

FpltoIF uses NOTAMS and altitude restrictions from SimBrief.

I hoped this helped.