Noob Questions

Hello! Here are the included answers:

*Is it OK to change your flight plan at decent if you find out your STAR doesn’t comply with the ATC preferred STARS?

-yes, it is commonly done.

  • How do I know what to set my trim and flaps to when taking off? Do I need SimBrief and if so, where do I find the trim and flaps because I can never find them.

Here you go: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!)

  • How do I know my V1 and Rotate speeds?

Also in here: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!)

  • When flight planning, should I bother doing SIDS/STARS because usually, ATC (If active) directs me a different route when I arrive at an airport? If so, should I just do one long route with 0 waypoints or a couple but just have a straight line to my destination?

I would use STARS, also I would suggest never doing “WPT KLAX OMBD. or such

  • Do you guys use SimBrief to plan your flights? Or is it just me?

Most of us do (also here is a toturial: How to Find a Route to Fly)

  • When I takeoff what should my VS be?

Usually a 15 degree up lift (here is toturial) Climb to Cruise Tutorial - YouTube

  • If there is no Departure SID what do I set my altitude to, do I just set it to my cruising altitude? Do I need to ask ATC for clearance to change altitude?

You do, unless they clear you without (toturial here: Infinite Flight Pilot Communications Manual)

  • At what speed/altitude do I retract flaps after takeoff?

It dosent, but for realisms sake it does

  • Does it matter what angle you arrive at the airport pattern? (Like downwind or straight in).


  • If I use a STAR to arrive at a destination and then want to do an automatic landing with ILS would I request a landing with GPS or ILS if ATC is active?

Yes, when approach is active (toturial here: Infinite Flight Pilot Communications Manual)

  • For the top of decent formula: Distance = Altitude to lose/1000 x3
    Distance being nautical miles to airport correct? Can you also get the top of decent off SimBrief, if so, where can I find this?

Link here: VNAV Tutorial - YouTube

  • Where do you find altitude restrictions? Do I need to get charts and any recommendations where from?

They are called TFRs they are the red circles. Toturial Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) - "The Big Red Circle" - #17 by StormyAviation