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I’m new to the IF community and I’m training to get ready for the Expert Server but I have a few questions which I am not really sure about.

  1. For SIDS/STARS, do you always need to have them in your flight plan? And if so, what if the ATC gives you a runway that you weren’t expecting, would you just change your SID or STAR to suit that runway?

  2. “Correction” in ATC means you sent the wrong information, am I right? Like if you say “Req taxi to 18L” when you were meant to say “Req taxi to 18R” would you use “Correction…”?

  3. When you’re doing pushback, does it matter what way your facing when you pushback, because ATC doesn’t specify what way to face? Or do you just face the general direction of the runway your taxing to?

  4. What does “Misc Messages” and “Standby” in ATC mean?

  5. Do you need permission to change radio frequencies, is this why there is a “Frequency change” message?

  6. Where do I find altitude limits and speed limits for areas and airports? Or is it a set rule everywhere, if so please tell me them.

Sorry for asking so many questions hopefully I understand most of them by the time I get grade 3 :)


Welcome to the community!

To answer your first question, no, unless the ATIS states “SID STAR use REQUIRED”. If ATC gives you a runway you weren’t expecting, you can just change your SID/STAR, yes!

That is correct.

Usually you would face the direction of the runway you’re taxiing to. However, if ATC tells you to “expect runway XXX”, you would pushback to face that runway.

Misc Messages: Messages like Thank you & I’m Sorry can be found there.

Standby: If it is from the ATC, it means to wait for further instructions usually.

Yes, you do. A common mistake is that users always request frequency change when they want to switch to tower after being cleared to taxi by ground. This is false. When you are cleared to taxi by ground, it includes “contact tower when ready”.

For more precise information, check out the user guide. It contains everything you need to know!


Hey! Questions are always welcome so no need to be worried :)

  1. SIDS and Stars are optional, unless specified by ATC. If atc assigns you a runway that you were not expecting, you would have to change your star. However, I would reccomend checking D-ATIS (If there is active atc) to see which runways are in use

  2. Correction is simply used if you sent the wrong message. For example if you requested taxi to parking instead of to the runway, you would say correction stand by. Then you would re send the taxi request.

  3. You should pushback facing the runway you want to taxi to. Unless ATC tells you to expect a certain runway

  4. I wouldn’t reccomend using misc messages as it is just clutter for atc. Standby is used by ATC to let you know that further instructions are coming.

  5. You always need permission to change frequency.

  6. There are sometimes NOTAMs over certain airspaces during busy events. However, you can also check D ATIS for other important info

Hope this helps!


No, they are only required if they ATIS says they are. If they give you a runway, you can update the procedure to match the closest with what you have currently.

That is an instance where you would use correction. Basically to let the controller know you made an error calling in.

Nope you may push back in any direction that suits where you want to go. I’d recommend following what others around you are doing though.

It means that the controller should expect further information when you receive it. It’s letting them know you will be in contact to help abide by their request.

It’s a good habit to have permission to change frequencies. You should wait until you receive a change from the controller.

On expert server, the rules are the same as training server in regards to level 1 violations but if you would like added realism, I would suggest looking up charts for the specific airport.


I also recommend taking a look at this amazing tutorial about pilot communication :)

To clarify, as the responses above didn’t include everything, when:

  1. Asking to taxi to a runway, do DO NOT need to ask for a frequency change when at the runway hold short line.

  2. If you’re on approach WAIT UNTIL INSTRUCTION before changing frequency to Tower. This also includes Center to Approach.

  3. When landing you’ll receive a “Exit runway when able, contact ground on the taxiway”. This is considered a frequency change and you DO NOT need to ask for a frequency change.

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Just to add one last bit of clarification, “request frequency change” is used rarely and should be used spearingly. In 99.9% of cases, ATC will tell you to contact the next frequency.

So every Airport is different in Altitude so basically you’re elevation of airports are going to be different.I would suggest before every flight just do some research on the airport and how much ft its above sea level to work out what you’re Landing altitude is going to be like so that you don’t fly into the ground.And Speed wise is the same for every Airport 260kts under 10 000ft and about 150 kts depending on you’re aircraft you’re flying for landing ATC wil instruct all that for you on active ATC airports😊😊God bless

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