Noob on Expert

So, after 4:30 hrs of flying to KJFK from KLAX, it was time for my landing. Final approach, and I stated I was on FINAL, RUNWAY 31R. HOWEVER, this guy by the name of ‘v Myob’ or something like that (his name is below in the pictures, too lazy to state it here) went on the runway, LINED UP while I was landing and slowing down on the runway and afterwards took off STRAIGHT INTO ME. I applied full brakes and tried to expedite as quickly as possible, but he probably went 100% throttle like all noobs do. If this was the training server at JFK it’s sorta acceptable, but this is the EXPERT server. I reported him but nothing happened, and he ended flight about 20 seconds after taking off.

The pictures below show what happened before he took off and his profile. Hope something can be done about this issue, thanks!


It’s not the end of the world, relax…


lol I know, but it’s very frustrating to see this happen on Expert


Well, the report will eventually get looked over by the FDS Eventually! No need to stress, but I do agree that was sort of childish


I spawned to try and find him… but must be long gone. I’m sure he will do something silly again when a controller is watching or we are :)