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About Us

NonStop Virtual is a VA that’s built off of hard work and a love for aviation. We are professional in every aspect, as we dedicate our time to meeting your needs, and expanding your experience, we’re also working behind the scenes to enhance your flights. NonStop Virtual features 12+ unique aircraft for you to experience nonstop . We offer one of the best VA experiences with fun events and much more to come within the VA. Here at NonStop we are a family, and we are here for you!

Our Team

We value simplicity a lot. Joining NonStop keeps you free from headaches, and high flyin! Our dedicated team is here to support and encourage you on your journey as you Travel The World!

Name Position
Kameron @KingWings President
George @Georges180305 Vice President
Maxim @MaximV Human Resources Manager
Owen @OC212 Head Of Recruitment
OPEN Flight Manager [Apply]
Norbert @Capt.SkyWalker Chief Pilot
Filipe @Filipe_Abrantes Route Manager
Robert @AExones Hub Manager
Mattheus @Mattheus Media Manager

Our Fleet

We use many aircraft at NSV, we use almost all major commercial aircraft provided in Infinite Flight! Check these out below!


Airbus A380

Boeing 747-8i

Boeing 747-400

Airbus A340-600

Airbus A330-300

Airbus A320-200

Airbus A319-100

Bombardier CRJ900

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

Lufthansa Cargo

Boeing 777F

McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

AeroLogic Cargo

Boeing 777F


Our ranking system is what some may call challenging and others may call easy, come find out!

Rank Hours Aircraft
Junior Pilot 00:00 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 // Bombardier CRJ900
First Officer 15:00 Embraer E190 // Airbus A319
Senior First Officer 30:00 Airbus A320 // Airbus A330
Captain 60:00 Boeing 777F [Lufthansa Cargo & AeroLogic]
Senior Captain 100:00 McDonnell Douglas MD11F
ATP First Officer 150:00 Airbus A340 // Boeing 747-400
ATP Captain 200:00 Airbus A380-800 // Boeing 747-8i

Status Ranks

Rank Hours Advantages
Bronze Status 500:00 Exec Lounge
Silver Status 1000:00 Internal Manager [Access to internal event opportunities]
Gold Status 2500:00 Slack Mod [Selected]


NonStop Virtual offers careers to those who take aviation seriously. Once joining, you can check out a composed list of real-life Lufthansa routes. According to what rank you are, you can fly realistically, and professionally for NonStop Virtual. Career mode is instantly unlocked once joining NonStop. Your professionalism will be put to the test with our high-ranked ground test. Your aviation skills will be assessed by our Chief Pilot. Checkout our handbook for more information! NonStop Virtual is reintroducing the infamous callsign organizer! To those wondering what this is, you can check it out below (Note: These callsigns relate to pilots, as staff members will remained in an organized fashion) :

Our Hub System

NonStop Main Hubs


  • We use slack for all internal communication Slack-iOS-icon . NonStop Virtual’s Slack server is the perfect place to chat with other pilots and staff, find support and meet new folks! After being accepted, an invite link is sent in the welcome email. If you are unable to locate this email, please contact a staff member for a link


If there’s one thing you’ll love at NSV is our regular events! We tour the globe and discover some great places in our VA community and with the Infinite Flight Community! Here they are!

NonStop Destinations: NonStop Virtual’s Iconic Event Series that take both you and our pilots on an awe-inspiring journey across the globe every Sunday. We visit some of the most popular, unknown and jaw-dropping beauties the world has to offer!

Worldwide Wednesday: WW (Worldwide Wednesday) is our weekly event where we randomly pick a route, and an aircraft, and we challenge our pilots to fly that route. This is fair play, pilots can take necessary stops to reach the destination. After logging the flight, the pilot will receive points that can be redeemed towards items, rewards, and privileges.

Short Haul Saturday: Short hauls are key to NSV operations, and become truly unique when it comes to destinations. Every saturday, we take our pilots on realistic flights throughout the globe.

A Day In The Life: ADITL is possibly NSV’s most realistic experience. Every tuesday take our pilots on historic, mesmerizing, and pioneering flights, that changed aviation. We take things to the extreme as we resemble a day in the life of some amazing pilots.


There are none! Whether you’re an Infinite Flight OG, or a new member on the community, we welcome you to explore and discover the world! Upon joining NSV, you should expect the following:

1) A welcome message from a staff member
2) Your personal callsign, along with your badge
3) A reminder to schedule your flight assessment
4) A reminder to view your digital copy of our guidelines
5) Flying through Germany and the globe, NonStop

Still not sure you want to join us?

NonStop Virtual is always growing our routes, fleet, and our family! Being a member provides you with a great experience, and a greater journey!


Great Looking Thread, and I’m digging that website. Well Done!


Looks like an amazing VA, and I love the simplicity, might look at the application sometime soon!

Out of curiosity, will other LHG airlines such as Austrian, Eurowings, etc. also be a part of NSV sometime?


Those may be seen in the future of NSV, but for now, we want Lufthansa to be our focus! We hope to see you in the future!


Congratulations @KingWings! Looking forward to have Singapore Virtual working with y’all as discussed 👀😉


Amazing thread guys! Looks very tempting!


OMG yes king! I am so excited for you! I know you have worked extremely hard on this and all of it is about to pay off! I wish you guys the best! Amazing!


Looks great 👍


Great looking thread King! In the last pic, @MishaCamp would choose unicorns lol


Appreciate all the support guys! We’ve just opened applications and are ready for business! Expect some cool events ;-)



Excellent Thread guys. Good work pays off all the time. You guys really worked “Nonstop”.


Looking forward to seeing you guys join us!


Look great intersting !


And yeah! Here it comes Nonstop va

Congrats @KingWings :-)


Well organized thread and VA! :)


NonStop Progress is a newsletter by us, for you. Our staff will continue to update you on our growing family and opportunities at NSV! Want to read the first edition? Great! Just keep reading down below.


Staff Members

NSV is very proud to welcome such professional people to our IFC team we’d like to welcome:


Human Resources Manager: Maxim is such a great fit for this role, as he goes out of his way for our pilots. As NSV gets ready to welcome new members, Maxim is always online and aboard to help us!

@Filipe_Abrantes & @Captain_Millz

Co-Route Managers: Filipe and Millz are as great as it gets. They’re a dynamic duo beyond compare, as they help make flying NSV better!


Media is how share NonStop Virtual to all of you amazing IF / IFC Users! We’re glad we could fill the media manager with such a perfect fit! Mattheus is inquisitive and active, we are so lucky to have him om board!


NonStop Virtual is yet to be a week old, and we still have pilots flying long haul and short haul NonStop (literally!). So far we have:

22 Members

34 Flights

2415 Minutes Logged

We want to give a HUGE thanks to our pilots, staff (especially @TheWalkingFruit, @MaximV, and @Captain_Millz) for all their dedication to making this VA Special!

Do you want to be apart of this effort? Join Us today!

We hope to see you soaring the skies and having fun!

The NonStop Team


NonStop Events

It’s been nearly a week since opening and NSV has received almost *30 pilot applications and almost 100 hours of flight! But as we continue to progress as a VA, we want to balance our activity and welcome you to the NSV family. We will be initiating our new event schedule THIS WEEK! Check it out below:

(+) = Internal Event

S- Sky-High Sundays
M- Munich Mondays (+)
T- Touch & Go Tuesdays
W- Western Wednesdays
T- A Day In The Life
F- Frankfurt Fridays (+)
S- NonStop Destinations

Join The NonStop Fun!

We would love to welcome you to the NSV Group! Not sure you’d like it? Just ask our pilots! They love it! Join Us today!


In case you didn’t know, we are basically like a Lufthansa VA but under another name. NonStop VA :)


I like this, you seem be to be a VA who genuinely cares about quality and realism, well done!